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What is printing doctor?

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In each work must be available some tools thatThey are required to use. The same applies to the work of doctors. In the practice they need to use seals. What is it and what they do, find out below. By the way, and make it you will be in St. Petersburg on a network of multi-copy centers "Copy centers".

Print is a toolsnt, which are used by hand. Make it special materials with which you are printing a vital function - fixing specific event occurs in the form of print. Sometimes it is used, and in order to transfer dye to other materials.

  What are the main elements of a seal?

Each seal consists of two main parts:

  • clich?s;
  • Attachments.

clich? is a polymer or rubber element, which may be made of different shapes: triangular, rectangular, oval, round andothers. The shape is selected according to the customer. When will the process of wetting a cliche in the paint, ie ink, as a result we received a mark on the paper. In this print can be shown a certain picture or text. Many people do not distinguish between what is printed and clich?s, it's two different things.

AttachmentsIt is the subject, which is attached to the clich?. It is different, and you can choose any according to your taste. As for equipment, it is of two types: manual and automatic, and made them out of iron, plastic and wood.

What is the doctor's stamp?

Drugprint or medical use in hospitals by doctors. They are divided into two types:

  • Print of medical facilities;
  • Personal Print physicians.

Personal Print is made in accordance with the national standard. In order that theit is used to make pad has a diameter of 25-32 mm. The best option is considered a clich? of 30 mm diameter. It is important to seal the dosage contained name of the doctor who plans to use it. When we talk about health stamp, then it may be reflected information regarding the specialization of the doctor or advanced degree. If Zackazchik wants to print medical image or logo was the hospital where he works, this desire is easily satisfied.

Printing health facility are:

  • Round;
  • Rectangular;
  • Triangular.
They are used in clinics, laboratories and hospitals. These seal or stamp can be written:

  • Blood;
  • For more information;
  • Fluorography;
  • The signature of the doctor.


Thus, printing a special tool which may be made of rubber or metal. It is usually used in order to leave a fingerprint image. It is obtained by pressing the seals on the paper or other material. In addition, it is put on dokumentah, packages and used to certify the validity of signatures, or the entire document. Medical printing is widely used in hospitals or private doctors. Production takes place with the consent of the customer and according to his taste.

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