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What is the treatment of dental caries?

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Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases of the teeth. Cthis disease was and is the case almost every person. It creeps up unnoticed and affects the teeth, surrounding them from the ground up.

According to the medical portal : caries is an inflammatory process that affects hard tissue of teeth enamel and destroys them. As a result, there are news diseases such as pulpitis and periodontitis. This disease can affect one tooth or two, but can spread to the entire oral cavity. Therefore, when there is the slightest signs, you should treat the disease because of the normal meal you avoid, and even more so, and pleasurable sensations in the mouth.

The important etc.Iznak caries is the appearance of white spots on the teeth, as well as painful reaction to the teeth on the use of hot and cold food.

What are the causes of tooth decay?


  • Dental hygiene is bad;
  • Because of the action of microorganisms;
  • An unbalanced diet;
  • When you eat a lot of sugar;
  • As a result of an illness;
  • Poor performance pischevariteltion and immune systems.

How to cure tooth decay?

quickly and effectively you can cure the disease only when determine what stage of the disease:

  1. If this is the initial stage , Then the teeth are just beginning to appear suspicious white spots. Their treatment is simple: you simply have to eat right and perform the appropriate procedures, that is rubbed into the surface of the tooth gels and mousses that are filled with minerals;
  2. afterblowing stage 2 is more complex. It lies in the fact that tooth decay affects tooth enamel completely. In order to cure this disease should be full restoration of teeth and deep cleaning. Such treatment will cost much more expensive and will last long. Recovery occurs via that establishes doctorsm crown or tabs. However, this must be done only after when the source of caries will be minimized.
  3. Last third stage it is the most difficult because it is almost impossible to cure . Therefore, doctors removed the teeth and implantation of new ones.

Prevention of tooth decay

Tooth decay can develop unnoticed for several months, because it can not be noticed immediately. Therefore, should be carefully and constantly doing inspection at the dentist. To avoid tooth decay is to brush your teeth every day, and thatkzhe use dental floss. Be sure to eat right and try to eat less foods that contain a minimum of sugar and carbohydrates. It would be nice if every time you rinsed the teeth after eating and enjoy a special chewing gum. Remember that if your teeth will react badly to hot or cold foods, theyou should immediately contact your dentist. In addition, poor dental health can negatively affect the state of the entire body.


Do not be afraid and do not pull the dental treatment, because your health is the most valuable thing you have. Do not risk it.

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