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Exactly where to buy laboratory equipment?

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Laboratory equipment Ukraine not find so easy. Most of it is imported from European companies such as ELKA, EBSA. The quality of the goods, of course, pleases can not be said about the price.

For example, an oven EBSA production capacity of 0.5 cubic meters costs about 3-4 thousand dollars, that for the majority of UkrainianCompanies — very heavy sum.

Alternative offers   — one of the first domestic manufacturers of laboratory equipment. Its production meets all the European standards ISO, so worry about its quality and reliability is not necessary. Today USOlab produces:

  • Ovens ;
  • medical sterilizers (of different sizes, adapting to different temperatures, with the arrangement on the basis of a vacuum pump);
  • storage tanks of chemicals (including aggressive, corrosive metal);
  • High-giving reactorstion (up to 200 atmospheres);
  • Blending magnetic basis;
  • special racks for storage of laboratory equipment (metal).

It should be noted that the products UOSlab exported to Poland, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries, only confirminga high-quality equipment and its recognition in the international market.

In Ukraine, you can buy brand products through an authorized representative of Dry Owen at prices from the manufacturer (warranty, valid for 12-18 months).

Medical onorudovanie from UOSlab must pass the certification of the Ministry of Health, in accordance with established legal norms. To familiarize with the documents confirming the existence of a license, please visit Here is the complete price list of goods with the established prices.

A large partUOSlab production capacity is concentrated in the production of drying ovens, which have found their wide application in laboratories (for example, to prepare the vessels to conduct the experiments, in order to maintain the desired temperature), as well as in hospitals, industrial sites (particularly in the food industry ).

A few years ago the company began to actively develop and deliver to the consumer market sterilizers for metal surgical instruments, operating at temperatures up to 2000 degrees (with vacuum pumps, which are removed from the inside of the closet all the excess water vapor).

Today UOSlab is a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment and furniture in Ukraine. Recently, an official representative office was opened in Russia.

To learn how to perform the transportation of goods in Rivne and other cities of the country, what are the payment methods can be found on the website of thefitsialnogo representative or by contacting the manager and consultant on the phone at any time of work.  

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