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Russian bathhouse for cores

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Since ancient times people have noticed that the frequent visits of the Russian bath is not only preventive andchischayuschy character, but also the therapeutic effect. In Japan and France have conducted a number of studies that have only confirmed this statement. All those who took part in the experiments have confirmed that they have improved overall health and they were less likely to get sick in the acute-respiratory diseases.

The contrast of hot nmacaws and cold shower with honey massage and use of aromatic plant oils have a magical effect.

Sometimes people do not want to go to the Russian bath, citing the fact that they have problems with the cardiovascular system. Believe me, here they make a mistake. Scientists have discovered the dependence of Russiantion with its bath temperature of + 50 C and 70% with a complete rehabilitation of the human body from heart problems.

Room for cores

Room for cores is an incredible incentive for the improvement of the entire circulatory system. At elevated temperatures included klendusity. Oneone is heavy sweating, in which the pores of the skin removes harmful toxins, and the heart begins to operate at full capacity, enriching the cells of the body with oxygen. A slight increase in blood pressure, which can be seen in some people with the right approach to the visit to the steam room the room quickly equalizationINDICATES.

– It is the ideal natural simulator to learn how to breathe correctly. Hot air steam bath is completely natural irritant to the respiratory tract of the human body. Here nasopharynx and lungs have an incentive to operate at full capacity.

The contrast shower with hot steam is an excellent exercise for the development of cardiac muscle tone in the cores. The rapid expansion of the blood vessels in the steam room, Russian bath, and then narrowing while taking a cold shower causes the heart muscle in a rhythmic work.

If you visit the steam room you have high blood pressure, and thus you do not sweat – it's a sign that your sebaceous glands are strongly obstructed. In order to get them to open up and begin to fulfill their direct function, it is enough to put on body scrub from oatmeal and honey.

Guidelines for the cores on the Rights ofVisiting Russian bath linen

  • visit Russian bath in the morning, then at that time, when you want to go to bed, the pressure of time to bounce back;
  • try not to wet my head in the steam room, it is best to take care of a dry or a felt hatof towels;
  • wipe the sweat from the body with a dry towel, immediately after leaving the steam room – let the pores to breathe;
  • visit Russian bath after a light snack of fresh vegetable salad – this will help prevent nausea or fainting;
  • drink in the bath as much as possible of tea with herbs and natural honey – is one way to quickly make up for the lost moisture from the body.

Visit the Russian bath – it is a holiday not only for the soul, but for the body, so try ustaivayte it yourself as much as possibleon the most.

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