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How to choose a women's shoes

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Someone once said that a talented person should be talented in everything . Just beautiful womanand there should be beautiful in all. Her beauty - that's what fascinated men for thousands of years in our common history, led them to the sometimes unimaginable and unreasonable actions. Of course, to achieve such a favorable location the men, a woman had to correspond to the conventional manner and the criteria of beauty that are changedover the past eras. One way or another, but the beauty of women - is not only a separate part of the beauty of her body and complex category, the image comprising a plurality of parts, as they say, from head to toe. Some people like a woman's face, someone is going crazy on the female form, and someone can not look away from the pretty female legs. Obviously, hthat any woman who wants to be popular with the male half, this part should give appropriate attention to their body.

This does not mean that you just need to monitor the condition of their feet, because the way - is not only real, but also veiled. Even an enemy of the female figure, like candy inprimarily perceived wrapper. Also, women's legs wrapped in beautiful shoes will be treated much more effectively. Choosing the right shoes, moreover, not only enhances the visual effect, highlights the advantages and disadvantages of hiding, but also guarantees a pleasant feeling of walking, preventing excessive fatigue, woundyshaya comfort. Whatever it was, but women's shoes is an inherent part of the image of any woman executed by the same dualistic function. This means that the choice of shoes should be treated with the utmost seriousness, both decorative and practical point of view.

The criteria for selection of stylish women's shoes

It is obvious that the selection process should take into account women shoes and the one and the other side. This means that the process is complex and should be given all the smallest details from the world of color, to the shape of the heel, toe and a locking system on the leg . By the way, clearly all kinds of women's shoes, you can online store

Of course, in this process, one of the key roles played by price shoes , but it serves rather than formative for the image, and the limiting factor.

The most importantrole played by the shape of the sole . This criterion affects not only comfortable to wear, but also on the effective image:

  • For example, shoes with a broad heel massive visually makes the body shorter, but the leg opposite - more complete.
  • Shoes and heels reallyizualno lengthens legs woman (of course, if they by nature are not complete - there's a stud may play a role quite the opposite). Also, do not forget that the constant wearing of shoes with high heels is very tiring legs, and feet on the physiological parameters also affects negatively.
  • Formore frequent wear is best to choose flat shoes (such as ballet flats), so they are less tiring and more pleasant to wear.
  • If you want to look taller, but do not burn with the desire to test the strength of your feet, then you will approach platform shoes.


The process of selection of shoes for women sometimes turns into a long and tedious task that is from this is by no means cease to be less exciting.

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