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Anger and methods to overcome it

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Sometimes we unwittingly hundrednovimsya witnessed in transport, shops, on the street or at work, people « poured » negative emotions of those who has done nothing wrong. Irritable or angry face angry at the whole world blames the problems of relatives, associates, society itself.

is always angrily fight?

Employees who in the performance of official duties on a daily basis to communicate with others, should remember that the sides can be in different emotional states, and it affects their behavior. Anger - it is the outward manifestation of feelings, and this often leads to emotion verbal aggression (unfair criticism, shouting, turningPS) and or physical abuse - beating, pushing, tugging and others. The feeling of anger, hatred, ill will can destroy everything: family, love, friendship, relationships, it creates resentment, fear, ignoring the needs of others, violence. At the same time, we need anger and necessary, because it signals that something we did not havetunable, do not like, what we can not accept. That is - a manifestation of contradictions needs and aspirations, goals and expectations, a kind of indicator, indicating the pain hidden in us. On the one hand, a sense of dissatisfaction is an additional influx of energy, thanks to which you can return the mental balance or overcome certainthe first barrier. On the other hand - points to the specific needs of someone who is angry, his willingness to defend or attack.

How to overcome anger?

According to the site: some practical steps to help you master the negative emotion. For example, three deep breaths quench violent feelings. Also:

  • Listen carefully to the interlocutor, all have something to say;
  • Do not invent another if something does not know, ask;
  • Attack the problem, not the people;
  • Be open to discussion, compromise, negotiation (rememberie, resistance is not a manifestation of strength and indicates its absence);
  • Be aware that you are responsible for what you say and do;
  • Do not make any sudden gestures, do not shout, avoid statements like: « Leave me alone & raquo ;, « It does not concern me & raquo ;;
  • Always share your feelings with people you trust;
  • Do not rush yourself, reserve time for reflection and discussion of each case or issues;
  • During the call, broken only by one theme;
  • Exiderzhivaytes common sense in the dialogue with interlocutors;
  • Do not try to always have the final say.

To cope with feelings of anger and help drawn on a piece of positive thoughts about yourself, change of environment, as well as increase the level of self-control.


So now there is anger at the dominant feature of our world. All it built only on it. The relations in various spheres of life formed a human evil and hatred for each other. Some earn a rage, because others have more. &Nbsp; Other mask his anger incommunication, friendship, relationships. Even love this anger there. In family circles zlost.Podumayte first place, you want to live like that? ...

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