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Proteins: Harm or benefit

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The man who probably is the only one so for the foreseeable development of the existing and well-known world to himself, a catond can not only adapt to the living conditions, but also to modify them for the sake of their own interests. This continuous and endless process itself, we do not forget to cultivate. Moreover, it is not only and not so much on improving their knowledge and skills, but about improving their bodies. Ancient Culture moreGreece and Rome confirms the fact that among people ever existed and the cult of the human body that determines between the two criteria for male or female beauty, who throughout history have changed. It is also clear that in order to form your body and give it a shape corresponding to the current ideals, must be appliedIt is a lot of work, which in the meantime can not be endlessly to give a positive result. For example, in order to form the relief muscles, need regular combination of aerobic, anaerobic, strength training with weights gradually. But, unfortunately, the regular increase in the traction load can not always guarantee the growth of muscles or burningContents of fat. These processes are regulated primarily within the body. In bodybuilding, and indeed in the sport this phenomenon is known as the nitrogen balance.

What is the nitrogen balance, and what is its role

The term usually refers to nitrogen balance relationship between the amount of nitrogen that enters thethe body (food) and released. From the point of view of physiology, it is also a relationship between metabolic processes such as anabolism and catabolism. The first is a creative feature that is updated and reproduction of basic structures (tissues, muscles, etc.). Second, in contrast, it is destructive to tissue and structures because it leadsto their decomposition, but at the same time, this leads to the synthesis of the products of decay amino acids and glucose, which are vital to the organism. Usually, all these processes themselves occur in the body as well as the regulated. But if you want a quick effect, there is usually resorted to using food supplements anabolic action, for example againsteinov.

What is protein

The term protein is generally understood in the sport supplement on the basis of protein products and mixtures, enhancing anabolic, ie muscle growth. In a broader sense, the protein - a polypeptide, the amino acid organic compound. And just at this point that there is veryfirst controversial issue “ protein useful or harmful to the contrary? & rdquo ;. Obviously, taking protein we increase the anabolic function, increasing the concentration of the structural components. But here it is necessary to act with extreme caution, since an increasing number of some amino acids, forcing some processes that we oppress others, that in the absence of controlI can turn serious structural changes in the organism. If the protein is taken within the normal dosage, it will no doubt result and balance the protein compounds, which are not always present in sufficient quantities in the daily human diet. Increasing the daily allowance of protein twice (the often neglectedathletes) can cause, at best, diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, and may also lead to the development of stones in the kidney or liver disease, diabetes, etc.


As they say, everything should be in moderation, and only supplementation, affecting metabolism and even more so, because in the pursuit for the coveteddirect result, you can quickly and easily lose principal value - health.

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