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Where is treated in South Korea

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In the past two decades, the world has become much more open. It was notOnly thanks to the liberalization of the visa legislation of the countries, but also by the huge leap in the development of science and technology would create a comprehensive communication tools such as mobile (cellular) and Internet. This greatly increased the possibility of a person in terms of searching for information, and hence the choice of destinations for trips. Modern tourism is mostly based on the Global System for Search and services. In addition, modern tourism - is not only a classic or extreme sports, it is also an opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

A clear example of this is a combination of so-called medical tonsurizm - the practice of combining recreation and qualified medical care outside your country of residence. This practice is now very popular not only in developing countries (Russia, Ukraine), where the level of medical care is poor, but in the very well-off (US, UK, Canada), in which patients often facethe high cost of services and long waiting queues. According to statistics, the world leader in the field of medical tourism include India, Thailand, Israel, South Korea and others. Actually, on the situation in South Korea and would like to talk in more detail.

Medicine in South Korea

It is a country generally prewarflax revealing in terms of development. The fact that the Koreans succeeded in the economy, you can definitely be called economic miracle, phenomenon. Today, this country has great potential in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, electrical instrument and, of course, medicine. The latter, by the way, continuously and rapidly evolved in techenii the past two decades. Having a solid state support, and approved the program of development, today medicine in South Korea meet international industry standards. Hospitals shall be equipped with the latest technology, and specialists regularly undergo training in leading clinics.

What is the clinic to choose?

Considering that you are a tourist, and the health care system in Korea mainly insurance, you definitely have to pay for medical services. The level and scope of services, and the price will depend on what type of hospital you choose. All can be divided into three main criteria:

  • The presence of scientific base . According to this criterion the clinic is divided into university and non-university. In the first case, the clinic merged with the faculty or the whole institution that can successfully provide medical care, conduct research, and to implement cutting-edge. FriendSecond type of clinics is in no way tied to the educational environment, but it is also able to provide services of the highest level;
  • Properties . By this criterion, all hospitals are divided into private and public, which are only partially established;
  • Specialization . By this criterion, all the clinics can be divided into be general and specialized, which, respectively, are broad and highly specialized services.

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