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Cure acute appendicitis can now without surgery

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The standards of modern medical care is meant purely surgical treatment of acuteappendicitis. Moreover, this surgery has become so common and routine, that most doctors do not even think of any, nor about alternative therapies, for example, without breaking the outer skin.

Whatever it was, a recent study showed that about 80% of patients withthe diagnosis of acute appendicitis can be treated successfully with the help of a banal purpose of antibiotic therapy. To the appropriate inference came Dr. Pauline Salminen from University Hospital of Turku, on the basis of the same study it.

There are two main groups of acute appendicitis: with riskm rupture of the appendix, and without it. If there is a risk that could occur ruptured appendix, of course, we are talking only about the surgical treatment. However, with a milder form of this disease may be quite sufficient antibiotics. Moreover, this form of the disease is more common, but because appendectomy, ie beatsAlain appendix surgically, is not appropriate. For an accurate diagnosis requires a timely decision to produce a CT scan.

The study involved 530 patients who were assigned to either surgery or a 10-day course of antibiotics. In 99.6% of Operation has been successfully completed. In the group of patients treated with antibiotics, 73% of the operation is not needed. 23% of study participants had to perform surgical removal of the appendix for a year after treatment with antibiotics, however, such operations were not accompanied by any complications.

clasKaya medicine involves widespread surgical treatment of acute appendicitis. This type of intervention has become familiar to surgeons around the world and was never in doubt for many years, but it is through the study of Pauline Salminen similar standards of treatment can be reviewed. Especially because for decades the development of medicine with the IOMent the first successful appendectomy performed significantly evolved pharmacy and powerful antibiotics have been produced. The development of modern medicine allows for a fresh look at many of the classic medical problems.

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