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Professional sports nutrition "Optimum Nutrition"

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" Perfection has no limits "- this phrase knows almost everyone, because it exactly meets era role in the modern world. Man is constantly improving all around him to make his life more comfortable, interesting, to understand the new horizons of perception, to acquire new knowledge or skills. But it should not be forgotten that a person can improve and himself. This movement is known since the days of ancient Greeceand as bodybuilding, it is the culture of the body. In fact, the latter was not a little basic key idea in the works of the ancient Greeks and Romans, who even be a cult of the body, and even the builders themselves have participated in the ancient Olympics. Today, the question of correction of the body, giving it strength and relief, as important asmaybe even more, because modern society has become more open and relaxed. Therefore, no flabby belly or skinny arms "will not catch the bait".


The modern bodybuilding, which is often called in bodybuilding, has become not just a way to maintainsports figures, and the entire industry, which now and then stamped the new records. But anyone who is involved in the sport at least semi-professional understands that continually increase in power, aerobic training can not indefinitely dividends. At some point, the formation of the body in the process will go smoothly Supportof its form, without bringing new man results. The fact is that the further growth and strengthening of muscles able to finish only with a positive nitrogen balance, ie the ratio between the amount of nitrogen entering the body and emitted therefrom. In practice, it is also called the relationship between anabolism (muscle reproduction processtissue) and catabolism (decay process components to form amino acids). Positive levels of anabolic reactions that require fast results, is possible only under stimulation from the outside, through the admission of sports supplements.

Products Optimum Nutrition

In the market of sports nutrition Ukraine bezogovorfull-time authority uses products of American company Optimum Nutrition. Digging has a powerful industrial complex, which is located on the territories of three states already. Optimum Nutrition is considered a pioneer among similar companies in terms of creating and placing on the market of casein proteins for athletes. Production of the company is responsible toamym stringent quality criteria, which are monitored and maintained throughout the entire cycle of production, storage and sales. For our regular and potential customers the company offers a wide range of products (sports nutrition). This list is so big, it makes no sense to describe it in one article. However, to acquaint themselvesomit the reader at least the categories of products very necessary. For more information about the company's products Optimum Nutrition.

All products Optimum Nutrition can be divided into the following groups:

  • Gainers - protein-carbohydrate supplements necessary for aktive recruitment of muscle mass with strength training.
  • protein - protein mixture used for different purposes (weight, burn fat, maintaining the form). The company implements Optimum Nutrition whey protein, casein and complex type.
  • pre-workout toompleksy - food additives that enhance the productivity of training and faster recovery after them.
  • Creatine - Creatine supplements on the basis used to improve the efficiency of anaerobic exercise (weight training, sprinting, etc.).
  • Amino Acidscomplexes - additives based on different amino acids, which are mainly used for the recovery of the body, burn fat, suppress catabolic reactions.

This is just the most popular of all the company's products, which undoubtedly will give you everything you need for active sports.

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