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How to make Christmas ornaments with their own hands?

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New Year - a holiday that pleases all people. After all, we believeThat is the beginning of a new life. It is clear that on this day we want to make your family just nice. To do this, and there are gifts that give from the heart. By the way, you can buy from the online store "Fair decor": An equally important step in preparation for the New Year is a Christmas tree ornament. Of course, today toazhdom store before Christmas, we can buy a variety of decorations on the Christmas tree. However, in my opinion, more important and interesting is the creation of such ornaments with their own hands. It looks much more beautiful and will delight the eyes of each of your guest. Craft toy can be for one evening, and it's pretty simple. Christmas toyare decorations, which create an unforgettable atmosphere and pretend tree even more impressive.

Toys Paper

From the paper, you can make many kinds of toys on the Christmas tree, as it is a very simple and cheap material. You know very well that today even children can spracurl with this task. Let's look at a few pieces of jewelry that can be made of paper.

Firs . They can be made of colored cardboard. It is necessary to cut circles out of it and skewered on a stick or toothpick. It is necessary to insert between the bead to togOh, that was a short distance. The edges can be made more prominent by using special scissors, which are sold in stores of products for creativity.

Snowflakes on Christmas tree . All a child cut paper snowflakes. It is simply and quickly. You yourself withzdaete pattern and can complicate him.

Christmas balls can make from a flat paper . That is, you can simply cut with old magazines and postcards circles, which will have the same size. Then, the blank is folded in half and glue to each villagerugom.

Toys made of fabric

It is better to choose a bright cloth, as they will be more fun and interesting. In the manufacture of toys made of cloth can be used, and accessories such as:

  • Buttons;
  • Beads;
  • braid;
  • The beads and other ornaments.

If you are toys made of thin fabric, it is better to make little animals, men, tree, balls and snowmen.

Toys sock

In addition to pieces of fabric a great option for creating newogodnih jewelry fit and old socks. Only need to successfully choose the color and material. The tactic works similar to how the tissue.

Toys from threads

The balls are made of strands, always struck by its originality. Make them is not difficult. It should take a little inflated balloon and dip nitss PVA glue, wrap it. Then blame the ball, while they themselves paint and decorate the decoration decor.

Make more of toy balls, plastic bottles, and even glass.


So, the New Year is a holiday, which pleases every man, both adults and small.I wish you to create many wonderful toys that will amaze you and the beauty of the surrounding. Teach and your children, because for them it will bring a lot of fun and pleasant memories.

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