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The hearing aid and its range of

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Today, when the level of communication in society, on a global scale, has reached such a plank when information may reach the object in a matter of moments, we still continue to hear, perhaps a few worn-out, then certainly the actual phrase of continuous development and advanced achievements in the field of science and technology. But what is development? What is the basis of this internal process of the subconscious? What makes us, and not only us owlrshenstvovatsya and improve everything?

It is obvious that most of the living or non-living systems in the world, which are called highly developed, are complex systems. All of their complexity, ie the large number of components connected in order to achieve this level of action in which BME-interference of external management tools would be minimal. In this case, there is a sense to speak of a certain autonomy of the systems, which often is achieved by the presence in its structure the perception of external information systems and centers to respond adequately to it. The accuracy, coherence and coordination of the work of these two kompleksov and depends ultimately the entire autonomous system. If this key technical analyze any complex system, we can say that these systems will be called sensors (sensors) and the controllers (CPUs).

In the case of a man who is also a complex system ofPossible one of the most complex and self-contained world, these facilities will consist of a system of touch and nervous system (processing center and co-ordination). In humans, there are several systems of touch, each of which plays an important role as the world that surrounds us quite a different nature factors that should reagirovats.

What is the rumor

There is no doubt the most important of all the systems of touch is a vision that allows to perceive the visual world, but because our world - is not only a picture, but also a lot of sounds, which can absorb only a rumor. It is a person's ability to feel the sound vibrations, thanks to a special Buddy headsetsTSS acoustic sensor system in the ears. Naturally, like any other system in our body is exposed to the auditory sensor malfunction that turn part (hearing loss) or total (deafness) loss of ability to perceive sound waves in the world. The reasons that cause a similar condition abound, but if you likehappened, we have to take action to restore at least partial hearing capabilities. One of the most common ways to "signal amplification" is to set the hearing aid (in fact, the auditory prosthesis).

What is a hearing aid and how to choose?

The hearing annArat - an electronic device that fits in the ear and helps to strengthen the signal, that is, correction of hearing impairment. Despite its small size, it is a complex electronic system, which must be exactly adapted to each specific case. Adapt not only in terms of ergonomics, that is a perfect fit in the earBut also in terms of an adequate level of correction of hearing. In this regard, it should be clearly understood that the choice of any hearing aid - this is not the trip to the store for groceries. For proper selection, installation and operation, you must first undergo medical examination and assess the degree of hearing loss. Select the type of hearing aid in each caseIt depends on the individual, which in turn make it possible to determine the particular embodiment type. Here are the main types of hearing aids:

  • BTE;
  • In-the;
  • Pocket;
  • is placed in the eyeglass frame;
  • Shaped headband;
  • Implants.

The first five units are mobile, that is, have the ability to install and removal from the ear. They work on the principle of air provodimosminute sound. The implants used in the case where the degree of damage of components auditory system is so high that the air is ineffective correction. In such a case, a surgical intervention, in which the bone tissue is implanted hearing prosthesis, working on the principle of bone conduction.


The choice of hearing aid - is an individual operation that requires a professional approach is required to the participation of doctors.

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