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The field of dentistry

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Dentistry - This branch of medicine that studies diseases of the oral cavity and damage, as well as developing treatments and teeth. Identifies several Vidoin dentistry, each of which is reflected in the work of the clinic DentaS.

therapeutic in itself includes:

  • Odontology (treatment of damaged teeth);
  • Endontontiya (developing pharmaceutical methods and mechanical action on the root of the tooth).

The aim of therapeuticDentistry is the study of periodontal tissue, treatment and prevention, which were caused by him. Besides dentistry treats the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Surgical include:

  • The oral cavity;
  • Neck and maxillofacial region.

First of all, associatedimaetsya treatment of tumors and injuries of the jaws, the prevalence of   in the field of plastic surgery, namely eliminating birth defects and defects that are acquired as a result of a variety of injuries and illnesses. Such operations in the past year include implantology. It deals with the implantation of artificial root into the bottom or the topjaw, so always stay healthy and beautiful teeth, and it is installing a fixed prosthesis. We can say that this trend is due to prosthetic dentistry, because the implant, which was established earlier, is the basis of the design, which is in place after it.

Prosthetic Dentallogy

Prosthetic Dentistry is dedicated only to study the function of the teeth and jaws, various disorders and methods for their prevention through dental prosthetics. More than that, she has been studying devices that perform the functions of substitution treat and to prevent various anomaliesgrowth, as well as the deformation of the teeth, jaws.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This area is developing remarkably rapidly, mainly because of interest to improve their appearance. Mainly engaged in improving the smile of teeth because of the use of dental devices and techniques. The types of the manipulatortions include esthetic dentistry teeth decorations (inlaying). There is precious stones in violation of tooth enamel and rhinestone decoration delicate teeth, brushing teeth, and art restoration. Included in these services directly and teeth whitening.

Pediatric Dentistry

The main objective of this section is to examine the organs and tissues of the maxillofacial region in children, the development and application of medical methods of prevention and treatment of diseases of the teeth and the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Military Dentistry

Dentistry military-type studies jaw injuries receivedin the field of battle, work out methods of providing medical assistance to the wounded, who were injured jaw.
We can say that dentistry is associated with many branches of medicine, such as such as: chemistry, physiology, biochemistry, as well as surgery and others. Before our dentistry, in recent times, mainly sets specificchallenges and solutions to the problems associated with the disease of the jaws, jaw injuries directly involves complex maxillofacial prosthetics; fighting tooth decay, periodontitis, periodontitis, pulpitis, with the elimination of defects and methods of plastic surgery.

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