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Medical certificates for the Civil Service

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Modern humanity is deeply socialized. It is aboutedinyaetsya in society and thus co-exist. Of course, society - is not only a certain number of people, but also all the complex relationships that inevitably occurs between them. It is not available in view of the formal communication (or rather, not only it), and its more generalized form, which includes both household and professional urovni contacts between people. Obviously, staying in any team, we want to be sure that we are safe here. The first is dictated by the very natural, inherent in every human being, the instinct of self-preservation. Being in a group of people, each of them at home, at work, and lie in wait for a variety ofOring disease, you want to be sure that it is, at least, is not contagious. Secondly, there is a category of specialists with systemic health problems, which also need to know as it affects the ability to perform tasks, as well as human health and life.

Medical certificates

In order to monitor the health of their employees, each employer is obliged to organize their regular medical check-up, which results in a medical report on the suitability or unsuitability of a particular service. All research results are generated in a separate document, a standard approved MeansDrava, letterhead paper, which is called a medical certificate. As a rule, the form located on the standard paper A5 (half a standard sheet), and contains a summary of the current study and the conclusion of the doctor. Obviously, for each sector, for each objective, does not require a complex, full-fledged ISSresearch, and only a few important indicators that will have to face in the process. Consequently, the Ministry of Health approves the list of the standard forms of certificates that apply for work or study Meta. For example, some forms of certificates are issued for admission to work or school (Form 086) for temporary disability (FDPMA 095 y), when you make a sanatorium (Form 072 y), at discharge from the hospital (Form 027 y), and many other cases. A separate form of help exists for those job seekers who intend to find a job in public service.

Form 001-GS / y

Help (Form 001-GS / u:) for the governm-governmental institutions - an official medical document that confirms the presence or absence of the applicant for a public office of diseases that may be an obstacle to the implementation of regular duties. Obviously, referring to the nature of the profession, there is a list of medical reasons, which istsya absolute contraindications to perform their jobs. To those explicitly include mental disorders and illness, mental retardation, behavioral disorders, epilepsy. At the same time, physical constraints such as disability, is not a legislative obstacle to the adoption of the civil service. The conclusion- To receive the appropriate certificate under the form 001-GS / u need to conclude only by specialists psychologist and psychiatrist, and the sighting of their detention therapist.

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