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To date, doctors and scientists follow the development of a mysterious illness, such as - schizophrenia (split personality). Morejust such a disease begins between the ages of 15 and 25 years and, unfortunately, progresses very quickly.
Schizophrenia has a large hereditary predisposition. Also influenced by external factors such as past illnesses, trauma and head trauma. Although the most typical symptoms of schizophrenia are missing (such as,physical illness) and now cognitive and negative disorders are basic, and therefore associated morbidity. Sometimes the patient may realize that they no longer meet the status of a normal healthy person, this condition is called self-esteem. In the early stages of schizophrenia patients can talk to others about Thuon them that something is happening. With increasing symptoms of the disease decreases the possibility of self-esteem. Also, the symptoms lead to poor contact with people and use their experience and skills.


  • Start (unexpressed symptoms);
  • The disorder with periodic relief of symptoms;
  • Covenantsrshaya with severe symptoms.

Early treatment can significantly reduce the severity of symptoms and to weaken them for a long time, in some cases, can be a full recovery. Throughout his life disease "schizophrenia" is only one out of three patients require psychiatric treatment.


may be different, but the most typical are:

  • Brad (when someone is somehow unusual way directs the thoughts and behavior of the person, and while this provides a risk to human health);
  • Hearing (attachment to the patient of his thoughts while robbing his own);
  • Steady quaint nonsense (the ability of the patient, in his opinion, contact with the other world and the aliens);
  • Verbal hallucinations (the ability to hear the voice of the patient);
  • The inadequacy and the impoverishment of emotions (flattened).

Also catatonic symptoms may occur, unmanageableth stream of thoughts, incomprehensible and unformed speech, indifference and loss of desire.


This disease has been a psychiatrist. But in some cases for examination, the patient should be sent to a psychiatric hospital. Schizophrenia is put full disease after 6 months.

What to doschizophrenia

If your circle who has a disease of this kind you need in the first place not to alienate a man from himself, and remember that all of the changes that occur to the patient is a manifestation of schizophrenia. If possible, you should follow the regular intake of drugs designated by BPachom psychiatrist. If the patient voluntarily cancel the medication, it may lead to recurrence of symptoms, and in the worst case - to the deterioration of the patient.

Help your doctor

Unfortunately, at this hour of radical treatment of diseases still exist. Doctor prescribes therapy on the clinicalpaintings and course of the disease. Acute attacks of treatment, the patient transferred to hospital. Also, projections of treatment does not depend on the severity of the disease, and the answer of the organism to the drug they received. If the patient has been correctly chosen treatment, he will be able to return to everyday life and all - to have a good family and children.

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