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Choosing glasses for vision correction

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Our body - this is a very complex and harmonious system that consists of many small and larger structuretural components. Naturally, like any complex system, the human body has a central control unit processes, ie the brain, acting through the tools and components of the nervous system. It is also logical that the implementation of the right guidance and, accordingly, the reactions of the body, the brain needs to constantly receive the actualnuyu information about the state of the external and internal world. To do this in our body has several systems of touch, the most important of which is the vision.

The importance and structure of

The importance of the visual system to humans is statistically through her brain gets to 80-90% of all relevant information about the outside world, and this will agree, quite an impressive figure does not take into account that it would be foolish. In itself, the vision - this is also a complex system consisting of a host, sensing, processing, transmission links. One of the most important components of the visual system is the actual visual apparatusIe the eye. From the point of view of physics - it is an optical system in which there are:

  • has its own optical lens (the lens), which transmits and refracts light rays into the eye;
  • has its own system of perception of light (the retina, the surface on which the refracted rays enter, and which receives the primary image);
  • has its own system of communication with the processor (optic nerves), etc.

It is also obvious that this perfection is its weakness, because if you disrupt one of the components (and this happens all the time), the accuracy of the work of others is already possible to doubt .

The needand the choice of points

In life, there are different factors that can make the job of incorrect (pathology, disease, weather, man-made factors, etc.), and thus create a precedent when it becomes necessary to search tools, correcting deviations. That tool is uniquely glasses.This is the same optical system as the vision itself, but is much simpler. A wide range of points from the leading manufacturers of the recommendations can be found in the resource . It includes, as a rule, only two components:

  • optical lens, which, depending on its form and class exercises Opticallyeskuyu correction of the luminous flux towards the eye and back;
  • frame - frame construction, which provides accommodation of the lens at a certain distance in front of the eyes.

Use points from the medical point of view, argued in cases where there are real face rejection of viewtion, in particular its definition (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, etc.). In addition to its direct functions corrective glasses often perform even the side, coupled with the nature of the use of features: direct eye protection from wind, rain, dust, etc. When you select points to be considered the following factors:

  • the degree of expressionintensity of dysfunction that affects the choice of the form of corrective lenses;
  • wearing comfort and style, that affect the shape of the lens frame.

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