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Wardrobe different from the usual business of the cabinet door, were not disclosed, but apart. In thatPlus it and, incidentally, just minus the one hand, the space is used sparingly in front of the cabinet, as it can be placed side by side furniture, but at the same time, cupped system reduces the depth of 7-12 cm.
There are also small restrictions in the placement of elements of the enclosure requirements and discarded: the maximum width ofLoten doors up to three meters, and the facade is usually no wider than 60 cm. The roller door systems are based on the lower rack or suspended from the top.

To make sure that the closets - a useful acquisition, first we must consider the examples among the proposed cabinet furniture manufacturers that makeready-made closets to catalog and produce cabinets under the personal order, for example. Consider the typical advantages of wardrobes.

Some advantages wardrobes

  • The first reason is the use of wardrobes

Just note multivariate performance: in the compartment is not limited to the radials-shaped, it is possible to make the corner wardrobe room of any shape, with different types of finishes. Customer is provided to select a suitable color shade of furniture with a significant degree of approximation. In the case where it is important to carry out more economical order, make a niche built into cabinets without rear panels, choosing less dorogoy material in this issue borders practically invented. Especially hardly a limit with a strong desire for the buyer to use more advanced materials, but it is certainly significantly affect the final cost of the product.

  • The second plus application wardrobes

So, HQafy coupe range have features. Apart from the visual space savings, in the case closet space is enough. There are various well-hangers, niches and drawers. In the case when the cabinet is primarily intended for clothing, it is given more room for hangers, if for household things, make more boxes andshelves. Separate arrangements for children's use of options, in which case the cabinet should immediately arrange all sorts of things.

  • The third property wardrobes use

The important advantage - the silence to spread the door wardrobe. The opening and closing is almost perfect and the actionCorollary does not depend on the weight of the doors and cabinets. Furthermore there is no need for doors in place, as is the case with sliding doors.

  • The fourth advantage of using cabinets coupe

Today the cabinet compartment design allows you to introduce into the room with furniture in the form and tonal palette fits the purposeny design of the room entirely.

Benefits wardrobes undeniable

Built-in furniture, by the way, are more useful volume and the prices of their more expensive, because the constituent parts must be customized to size on site. But the lack of housing makes it possible to implement any ideas of the designer.

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