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What is Interior Design

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Everyone has creative FPICobnosti, because if you look, the creation of sculpture - it's definitely work, but let's say the cabinet assembly or construction of the house - it is also a kind of a creative process, at least for two reasons:

  • First, because in the process of the task often have to be smart and creative approach;
  • Second, simply because the output you get the product, the structure, the idea that accurately be called creation.

Let's look at what the interior and help us in this razobratsya Romanov PR - the employee the Kiev design studio "".

What is the interior design?

Despite the fact that the creative abilities of each of us has developed in different ways, all of us every day is something we create, just in relation to an associative creativity it can have an active or passive attitude. It is very clear It can be traced to a common activity today, as the interior design of apartments, houses, officeisov and so on. d.

Today, the industry is well developed, though, because today there is a huge amount of materials and technologies to create unique interiors, and the level of communication in the world by several orders of magnitude higher than that by the designers and their clients can search a lot of new ideas. And so,the designer in this process operates in terms of active creativity, that is, deliberately creating the concept and style of the interior, and the customer or the customer is acting passively, determining the direction of designer creativity and claiming the final result. So what is it that is interior design and how it happens? Designthe interior is a separate species or even industry design (complex of measures on creation of aesthetic properties of anything), which aims to create the aesthetic appearance of the room, to ensure its pleasant and adequate perception of man (in the first place - the owner), and also to create the conditions in which will be observed ergonomika and ease of movements inside.

What is the job of the designer?

The designer, a man creates all of the above conditions must exactly match the requirements put forward by the profession:

  • In the first place, have the creativity,creative and innovative thinking;
  • Second, must have specialized education in the field of design, art theory;
  • Third, he must know the range of materials and clearly navigate through all stages of creating and processing facilities. It helps him rightsyl organize the work of their subordinates.

In view of this, we can conclude that a professional interior designer - a wide-profile specialist who creates not only an aesthetic concept of space, but also creates a plan, deals with the proper lighting, ventilation, acoustics. EstesTwain, are the responsibility of the designer and the actions that the majority of our citizens associate with them: finishing works and furniture arrangement.

Styles interior design

In the past, during the Soviet era and the first decade after its collapse, interior design, as such, is almost not there, but now peoplehave access to technology and to assert its desire to be different from their own kind to create a design in different styles. Styles - this whole architectural and artistic concepts that evolved over the years and an age that has certain rules and technology implementation. Today the most common style in interior designin are:

  • Art Nouveau;
  • high-tech;
  • Classics;
  • Romanesque;
  • vanguard;
  • Baroque;
  • loft;
  • minimalism;
  • and so on. D.

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