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Anomalies of the urethra

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There are a total (aplasia) or partial (atresia) AbsenceNotices of the urethra, and obliteration, congenital narrowing (stricture) and expansion (diverticula); a doubling of the urethra; Hypo - or epispadias; cysts and fistulas; Offset urethral mucosa. Let's look at some of these anomalies.

The partial absence of the urethra

Refers to anomalies in which the fruit is rarely viable. Most often seen in the glans and membranous department, that is, in places with union plots of various origins. Clinically it is manifested urinary retention; tuzhitsya baby cries, not urinating and suprapubic him nabLuda full bladder diverticulum. Surgical treatment. In the absence of the external opening of the urethra enough to cut with a scalpel partition.

The strengthening of the mucous membrane of the urethra

It is accompanied mainly urethral mucosa prolapse. Meettsya girls aged one year and older. Loss may be complete or partial. There perimeter channel or occupies only one of its wall. In the first case the mucous fallen forms a circle meatus roller in the center is the entrance to the urethra. In the second case portion mucosal vypavshit looks like a tumor from the walls of the channel, usually the rear.

Congenital cyst urethra

There are extremely rare. May develop from remnants of M?llerian ducts in place prostatic pestle (utriculus prostaticus) or is likely to result in a breach of Joining urethral gutter. There are alsoists on the spot bulbourethral glands. Their size - from 3 to 15 mm. These cysts are described in newborn infants. When these bones marked difficulty in urination due to compression of the urethra, which requires frequent catheterizations since early childhood. Surgical treatment - excision of the cyst. Often in adult women may be entirelyThirdly paraurethral cyst. This benign parautretralnoe education is very common in women, whose age ranges from 20 to 50 years. The treatment is also surgical, which is manifested in the fact that the cyst was excised. More details about it can be found by following the link.


The pathogenesis of sabolevaniya still not clear. It is believed that the causes of epispadias is the delay of the urethra during its formation, the obliteration of the external opening of the urethra and the upper secondary rupture of its wall, the delay in sexual union of paired primordia hillocks and more caudal their development.
The boys are three forms of epispadias: head flooringovogo member or chlenolobkovuyu (subtotal), and total or complete. According to statistics, this anomaly appears (based on the results of an autopsy) in one case of 6 yew. It occurs much less frequently than other diseases.

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