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Choosing and buying a refrigerator

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The man, in contrast to the majority of fauna not able to take much of the food in the raw viede, either because they do not perceive the body itself, or if it can inflict irreparable damage due to toxins and bacteria contained in food. Of course, this does not apply to vegetables or fruits that do not require heat treatment before consumption, but they are torn form can not lie and wait for their time endlessly. Warm will repayx and bacteria make their products and perishable. This forces the person to look for ways of storage, which can significantly extend their life, and therefore consumption.

Today, almost any home or office has the means and can not do without it. This tool - a refrigerator - heat (or, more preciselyits cooling) machine, which by compression heat cycle refrigerant, inside the refrigerator creates the desired low temperature. Previously, the selection of refrigerators had no problems virtually no, since producers were not enough, not to mention the model number. Today, we have such a variety of refrigeration equipment market, invarious price categories and functional equipment, a problem that sometimes becomes a painful choice. So how to choose and buy a refrigerator.

Choosing the Right

If properly understand the issue, the choice of the refrigerator - it is almost the same as the choice of any other householdth art. That is, the choice of the refrigerator — It is an analytical process, which is to choose the device that optimally meets a number of requirements parameters and characteristics:

  • Cost . In principle, this factor is not logically the most important, forSince it will not cool your products, but it is the cost, which reflects the financial ability of the buyer, we start in the first place;
  • The volume-dimensional characteristics . This is one of the most important points in the selection process, as it is aboutpredelyaet is how much and what kind of products can fit in the refrigerator, as well as whether it is in its overall dimensions fit for the intended place of installation without violating the freedom of movement and the aesthetics of the interior. It is important to take into account the space of the kitchen where the refrigerator is expected to stand;
  • Functionality . This criterion affects what functions and how much will be implemented in the design of your refrigerator: the presence and extent of the freezer compartments for different types of products, the management system, circuit, and other frozen;
  • The format of the refrigerator . Currently, all refrigerators are available in two form factors:

- free-standing, which have their own design and are located in any place kitchen or other part of the apartment;
- built to montiruyutsya in kitchen set and present him a complete, in terms of interior design, painting.

  • Power . It is also an important factor, given how much of home appliances and electronic devices are used in the average home foreheadsCentury;
  • Manufacturer . This criterion may not be as important, but still allows you to be more confident in the quality of the product.

Buying a refrigerator

Having defined the brand and model of the refrigerator is the timethink about how you will buy it. Here there are two main ways:

  1. Refrigerators for cash. You are directly in the store to make the necessary amount of money (perhaps even by wire type of calculation) and takes the machine home;
  2. or credit. This Variant fit when the time of purchase you do not have enough money, but breaking it in pieces for a few months, you are free to afford the purchase.

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