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What is a liquid for electronic cigarettes?

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Since there were electronic cigarettes, was born and the liquid, as it is presentedIt is a foundation for all e-cigarettes. At first, no one could find a liquid that is sold separately from the e-cigarette, but over time the demand for it has increased so much that they began to sell the product separately. In addition, manufacturers and users of counting the cost of filling of this type of cigarette, came to the conclusion that the fill lutcheive of their own, with no one loses neither the user nor the manufacturer.

Any liquid is perfect to fill almost all types of electronic cigarette, their mods, and even electronic hookahs. Liquid only tested and high-quality producers is gaining popularity in the world of ezhednevno, by the way, you can buy it. In addition, these manufacturers are working closely with international agencies that specialize in how to make perfumes. High-quality liquid should be tested for:

  • Safety;
  • Quality;
  • The naturalness.

How liquid are usually made?


The liquid preferably made of materials and plants which are natural. When making use cutting-edge molecular technology. Also forI have to make the liquid using a high-quality food, and propylene glycol. By the way, it zapakovki happening in America, in a very well-known pharmaceutical company. This material is a safe product, and it also entered in the list of substances that are completely harmless to human health. Recognized as he was withoutcally the Main Directorate for drugs and US Food and the World Health Organization.

In view of the substance is a colorless, viscous and odorless. Because of its chemical properties, it is perfectly solvent in the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical companies.Also this product does not affect the composition of other products, which thus provides no negative effects on humans. Another no less important feature of propylene glycol is that it is able to retain moisture, which means it is an absolutely essential element of sprays and inhalers. The electronic cigarette is a substance used eshte with one goal, meaning that it helps to quickly convey certain substances in the human respiratory tract.


So, the liquid that is used to fill the electronic cigarette is a very common and diverse. However, remember that it is necessary to trust only nroverennym companies because they produce the products that is sufficiently safe for our health. Be sure to specify whether certificates of the company, which produce liquid. Choose liquid for every taste and with different nicotine content. Only high-quality liquid will provide you a safe smoking. Theybirayte electronic cigarettes because it is cheaper and safer!

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