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What is high - tech?

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- a style for the present modern man. Is he one of the trendiest areas in the design of all   Interior house becomes a style called hi-tech. It lies inquestion, what it actually is? Encyclopedia gives us the following definition: Hi-tech - a style in architecture and interior, who was born in 1980. It is characterized by using a unique glass, plastic, tubular structures and metal, as well as quite good decentered light in the house. Immediately creates Uniquecial effect spacious room. There are typical colors of this style: orange and black, blue and yellow, as well as silver-metallic. You might think that this style can come only industrial space than a simple apartment or house. But it is. For this style, and fit it into the interior industry.
Elements such a design is not just involved in creating beautiful interior - they are its foundation. Such a function object directly paraded, and becomes part of the design. From the high-tech - is extremely cold, technicality and functionality, but also on the other hand it is just a harmonious combiningof a large space and a unique light, the shape of objects and their color is a plus perfect proportions, which operates in the maximum use of space and includes a decoration.
We can also highlight the main features of the interior of you:

  • very strict forms a good combination with maximum functionalityStu;
  • metal and aluminum and plastic -   This basic materials design;
  • multivozmozhnosti good ergonomics.

The style of this way is very well suited for fans of all urban design, for lovers of a good get-togethers, and just people who believe seBOJ style icons. Of course, any modern young man who can not imagine his life without wired newfangled technology, and wants to turn their area into a bright picture of the future, and feel it in the interior will be very good. Significantly as well, and the advantage of this design over the other, and for our apartments is suitable, and for Malinkih rooms is very economical.
For good glass materials characterized by high decorative and great weather resistance but primarily it durability. Our modern industry offers a very wide range of quality finishing materials that mimic the surface of metal and glass, as well as brilliantsurface. By the choice of such material should be treated just very seriously. It is the background of your unique interior, as well as its foundation. In fact, in the style of the decor is not the priority, and so it is the material plays a major role. The second and very important element of the irreplaceable design -   this coverage. Remember, thewill be more light in the interior, the beautiful will pour your   metal, glass and illuminated, creating a unique atmosphere unforgettable good space. Fixtures of course, should match your beautiful interior and   This means that they must be made of the same durable material. Also, there is not enough andwithout heating the same. The glass light fixtures and lamps, even very good and perfectly fit into the interior. Not appropriate to use the classic chandelier. They are very nice to look beautiful set of   small bulbs.

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