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This unique hardware with good lift   the use of ultrasonic waves is designed for aorrektsii oval face, as well as a reduction of some excess fat. But unlike other techniques such such procedure, of course, has a deep penetration, thus affecting a very soft fabric. Acupressure is applied to selected areas allows warm elastic muscle fibers and stimulate their synthesis of   elastin and callthe gene responsible for this elasticity of your skin.

Ultrasonic face lift

Well, that's a   Using this alternative operation, the patient receives a qualitative result and an instant after only one session. Her skin quickly   It is younger in the face, neck and neck, and oval getssmooth contours. Also practically disappears second unwanted chin. Changing complexion, increases the elasticity of your muscles and skin. Immediately there is a chance not find himself in a same mirror. Experienced professionals often practice ultrasonic facelift doublo. This unique name she received fromquality modern apparatus, and which provides a very fast and efficient three-dimensional smas-lifting, and also affects the level of not only covers the skin, but also muscles. All face the patient directly in advance is marked grid, which divides it into several zones. All her skin is treated with modern special gel, and then there is nachinaetsya magic. Such penetration of ultrasound strictly calculated (over 4 mm) is also given a certain direction and the right to exclude the error of damage adjacent areas that do not require intervention. Probably only a laser facelift is able to instantly transform your skin in perfect the first time.

to orderOn it fits this modern facelift

Very strict limits for facelifts simply do not exist. Because this is not some complicated operation, but simply an aesthetic procedure. And so, of course, it is available to all and always, who do not want to trust themselves surgical specialists. This ultraz? The face lift is very well appreciated in our country.
Ultrasound session is good for those who wish to improve or restore a good result after a difficult transferred before plastic surgery. All the ladies with these extraordinary challenges as increased dryness of the skin and the entire lack of its thickness,   Many hardware tehniki braces do not fit. A simple ultrasound session for them to be the safest. However, do not always need to   practicing this technique if there's such factors are:

  • Diseases of the nervous system;
  • Inflammation of the skin;
  • Pregnancy;
  • endocrine functions;
  • Baby breast feeding;
  • Infectious sharp yl chronic diseases;
  • Metallic implants across the front zone (except dental).

But always for you our dear ladies specialists Ultrasonic tightening ready to do its job efficiently, and reliably.

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