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Who is mammolog?

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mammologists directly involved in the study of the causes and treatment of completely different tumor diseases.Such as, for example:

  • Sarcoma;
  • Lipoma;
  • Fibroadenoma;
  • Breast Cancer.

Also mammolog diagnose and treat disease is dishormonal breast. Such as:

  • fibrocystic disease;
  • Gynaecomastia;
  • mastitisuw.

Qualified specialists provide treatment completely all inflammatory processes, as well as diseases of the breast. Such as mastitis, and congenital abnormalities of the breast. Mammolog engaged in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the two groups of diseases: malignants and benign. The first group of breast disease involves a different form of mastitis, which are a collection of syndromes, and completely separate diseases. This disease includes about twenty directly pathological conditions of the female breast. Such as:

  • Inflammatory processes;
  • Diffaoff-cystic disease;
  • Nodal education and many others.

Today, seven out of ten women have this diagnosis is breast. Her background is five times more common forms of breast cancer itself. The most basic cause of the disease have hormonal factors, but also this terrible pathologyand may cause other serious violations.
Doctors say that a very strong and quite important influence on women's breast health as well as on the female body have a direct abortion.   This interruption of the first pregnancy is a very strong and serious detrimental impact. Developing breast also becausefirst late childbirth or due to lack of progeny. Surgery is the mammary gland,   gynecological and endocrine disorders, prolonged stress, genetic predisposition, bad habits also cause a variety of pathological processes in the female breast. In order to preserve the female breast dave to give birth at least two children, whom she would feed an average of about nine months.
The most serious disease of the breast, which is directly treated mammologists there neoplastic processes that are hidden for a long time, and that did not occur during the a rather long time. Over the last year beforesufficiently disadvantaged areas, as well as major cities such diseases as breast cancer has increased tenfold. It should also pay attention to the fact that a cancer treated if they were found at an early stage.
In recent years mammologists had the opportunity to get extensive information directly about breast cancerAnd therefore became known variety of causes of disease, and to develop completely new methods for their treatment:

  • conserving therapy;
  • Reconstructive surgery;
  • Chemotherapy drugs;
  • Chemoradiotherapy etc.

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