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Tarot History in Russia

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The story is the story of the archetypes that form the basis of human thinking. Over time, the TarotIt turned into a game. Yet for centuries in Russia, liked to play cards following states and Roma. Lord considers divination indecent matter. And in 1819 Alexander I banned all use them to import from abroad.

The end of the 19th century

Taro has become widespread in Russia in the late 19th century,when he prevailed during the reign of the occult. This time, they have become interesting for the upper classes, and even educated people. Maps have become for them a philosophical tool. However, the joy was short-lived somewhere before 1917, when the revolution in Russia has canceled all kinds of maps, including Tarot. As for philosophers, they all left theborder and some were destroyed by Stalin during the 1930-1940 biennium. Thus, in Russia there was a pause in the use of the Tarot, but abroad about the esoteric stories were not gone for a minute. This is evidenced by the works of famous philosophers. For example, in London, went work "The new model of the universe" Peter Assumption.


Taro returned back to Russia after perestroika, that is, when they were lifting the ban on" bourgeois pseudoscience "and the number of publications about him was the incredible rise. In Moscow, in 1989 appeared the first article and the book was published through year - 1990.

In 1992 he published "ABC Tarot" cards, which are made artist LyudmilaKorazhbey. This book is the first that showed the practice of fortune-telling tarot. The next year was a collection of « World Tarot & raquo ;. They included interesting information about numerology and astrology and book tarologa Michel Morand in Canada, where he wrote about the structure and interpretation of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles.

In the same year began to emerge the new publication, that is, the Major Arcana Tarot of Marseilles, and a deck of Tarot Krasnoyarsk Russian factory" Sibznak "which is very original. This deck there were no foreign analogs in quality printing.

Further development of the doctrine of the Tarot gained more popularitypolarity. Began producing new editions of books and maps. Also began actively to deliver the cards in Russia from many countries, that is from Poland, Austria, the USA, Israel and Germany.
Began appearing and new researchers in large cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow. They are mainly engaged in the search for meaning in a scientific philosophical concepts. Uchenye gave advice, but in practice, refused to prove something. At the same time there were a fortune-teller, who purely practicing Tarot. Unfortunately, many distortions have been put in recent years.


So, the Tarot is a complex human practices, as well as in a number of specialeschey, which are necessary in practice. Every nation has its original pack, its system and method of divination. Tarot cards have come a long way from ancient times to the present day. Accordingly, we changed the methods of divination, and the cards are now interpreted differently. However, these cards and they are part of the culture of almost every nation.

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