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Oriflame - Swedish Good cosmetics company that trades all the means to care for your skin and cosmetics. It works in 63 leading countries of the world. FROMthe company is working about two million highly qualified consultants, and with whom the company works directly by direct sales. It was founded in Sweden itself, somewhere, in 1967 by two brothers Jonas and Robert af Yoknikamy. This title they took in honor of the Royal banner, which occurred in pre-revolutionary-revolutionary France - the golden flame. Business started a company   production line of unique cosmetics. Now the company produces an excellent catalog of its products every 20 days with a large circulation of about 64 million copies in 35 languages ??throughout the world. From somewhere, since 2003 its turnover   growing almost20-30 per cent each year. The CIS countries its turnover is 40%, and mostly to Russia and Ukraine.
In order to, you need to provide some contact details. It is advisable to carry out such registration in the office of the company, and, if desired, of course, you can create yourself.

HereWell, this would require.

In addition to the data that you filled in correctly you just need to know additional information that will be at the registration. But filling the next form on the site, you need to specify desirable truthful about you   information. And even interested in the first ofalternate you.

  • Of course, last name - you need to specify the correct his beautiful but the real name;
  • The name and patronymic - also need to specify the correct;
  • The number of your passport - you need it for your good salary in this company;
  • Born immediately needed -format - the day, month, year;
  • As well as Email: - it is necessary for a simple registration in the first place to receive news from the company itself;
  • Then the address itself where you live;
  • Later Home Phone: - but your home phone. But if it did not,   You can not specify it;
  • Your  office phone: - that your work phone, if there is one in use;
  • And, of course, the mobile phone (380HHYYYYYY) -and it should be just your mobile phone, which is currently almost all;
  • The number of your sponsor: - the number of the lead sponsor who invited you to work in such companTheological Oriflame;
  • Full Name. sponsor: - all direct evidence sponsor who invited you for robots   contact;
  • As well as a choice: Where writes: I agree with all the rules of the online registration Oriflame - need to put a big tick and agree with these rules. It is desirable that agreement so you need to read forpreviously.

And after all the correct filling of the registration form you need, and you can, of course, like to congratulate the new and beautiful large consultant company Oriflame. This registration this is best done by yourself, so you know that for such registration must pass a lot ckladnostey and the need to properly execute it. But useful   you do so that you can do directly without the help of any sponsor to register people for his team.

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