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Trucks and its practical use

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Not everyone knows about the existence of takogo type of technology and its fields of application. Addressing the complex issues at first glance can be greatly simplified by using the services of auto-tower. In the early 60s, the company is engaged in construction and installation services, we were in need of a mobile staircase unusual size 18-30 meters (over 9 floors in the building). That's whenWe started inventing the first prototypes of mobile stairs, called - truck mounted.

Applications seemed at the time to maintain negligible lampposts was cheaper to use conventional ladder, and technology design of balconies, glazing them altogether ignored the existence of such techniquesand. Experts easily do without this type of specialized equipment.

But as time goes on today, some tasks difficult to imagine without renting aerial platforms. Can not but rejoice that this technique has been widely spread that the positive impact on the price of its services. Agree that workchanging advertising banners, advertising Signboards, installation of air conditioners will go much faster and safer when used aerial platforms.

The benefits of renting aerial platforms

  • Security The engineers who are in the cradle, albeit at a height of 30 meters, can not surviveVat because of the wind, the ladder may fall or break off cable;
  • Performance -The aerial platform can be installed to increase the number of air conditioners / satellite antennas for the 8-hour workday;
  • Payment and prices -Payment by bank transfer, regular customers discounts and deferred payment;
  • Efficiency -You may not have this type of special equipment, but it can be at your site within an hour after the order.

The company “ rental truck mounted AMC ” It provides all the territory of Kiev and Kiev region. In our fleet is over 15 ed. Art, thisIt allows you to choose the desired height of the boom and the mechanism of its work the ulnar / telescopic. All equipment passes the planned inspection that provides high safety of its use, as well as to minimize the likelihood of the occurrence of force majeure. Only experienced drivers and managers to easily help to make the choice nuzhNoah aerial platforms for the required task, and can fulfill its quality.

To resolve any questions please contact us

  • Facade works -moyka, painting;
  • Installation -Advertising, air conditioners, banners, satellite dishes, etc.
  • Columns -Mounting telecommunications, replacing consumables (bulbs);
  • Congratulations -podnyat Santa Claus on the 8th floor (balcony) or Prince with flowers;

The necessary ordering information

  • The height at which will perform the work;
  • PThe distance to the object on which to perform the work;
  • For a time -in how much should come and how many will take the work itself;
  • How many free space for mobile tower, do not forget to take into account not only the dimensions of the machine and outriggers.

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