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What are the blinds and where better to use?

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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds chooseAll who like innovative ideas. They - environmental, easy to use, and most importantly - looks stylish and elegant. The most common materials for their production - polyester fabric. To provide a certain rigidity of the material, it is impregnated with special substances - after which the fabric is not deformed, does not fade in the sunIt becomes resistant to heat and fire, and gains the ability to repel dust. In addition, fabric blinds are not afraid of wet cleaning. Select can be in the company.

Vertical blinds in the interior

Due to the variety of colors, textures and sizes of vertical blinds look great in officesAnd in living rooms. They can be hung on the windows to mask their niche and other openings used as partitions or even instead of doors. Choosing vertical blinds, please note that in rooms with high ceilings and they will look fine, but for rooms with low ceilings you should choose a different kind of blinds.
IfAl the house is decorated in the style of minimalism, techno, modern and others., the vertical blinds - the abolition alternative to conventional curtains. They blend in with this type of interior, giving it perfect and do not occupy a lot of space.

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal - the classic look of blinds. They have good sunprotective properties, easy to drive, do not interfere with ventilation of the room. Blinds with aluminum thin lamellae suitable for any interior, they can hang in the kitchen, living room, bedroom. Horizontal blinds - ideal for small and narrow windows, by placing slats are visually increase the proportion of the window.
If you hoTitus combine blinds with curtains and curtains can be used mezhramnye blinds, they are located outside of the room and do not take up space in the window, so there is enough place for textile design. These blinds perfectly regulate the light output and less polluted.

What is the wood blinds?

Wooden blinds - an indicator of refined taste and wealth. By law, they can be considered the most exquisite. Blinds with natural wood suitable for classic interiors, country-style rooms and vintage. Quite often, designers use wooden blinds to create ethnic interior decorating halls cafes and restoruns. Wooden blinds are in harmony with the curtains, lambrequins and tulle, in addition, they look spectacular, and as a separate component.
For the production of wooden slats covered with a special varnish to get a variety of shades. Wooden blinds slightly more expensive than fabric and plastic, but they are proving their worth. Their onain advantages - durability, ecological compatibility, presentable, reliability and security.

Bamboo curtains

natural - the main trend of fashion is not the first season. Bamboo blinds - quality, lightweight and stylish. In the East, believe that bamboo tends to take away the negative energy insteadn to give a positive and calm. The original and exotic appearance make this versatile material.
Bamboo curtains - a self-contained element of the decor, but at the same time they can be combined with fabric curtains, lace lampshades, wooden and rattan furniture. These blinds favorably complement the interior in oriental style, country houseikov and cottages. In addition, wood blinds made of bamboo absorb moisture well and play the role of a regulator of the humidity level.

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