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What does the engine oil sinetticheskoe

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Mineral engine oil is soboFirst something positive, which derived from the oil, and that swings synthetic engine oil (eg), it is the substance, which is obtained as a result of synthesis.

Why reinvent the synthetics?

The first thing to say about the conditions in which the engine has to work on any machine. TheyThey are not stable. Once the machine is established, the engine cools down, and when it starts, the engine is warming up. As for the operation, the motor is constantly changing their job, that is, the momentum change, the temperature jumps, and sometimes the speed of the friction coefficient. Therefore, the ideal motor oil needs DWIInternal combustion motors. And the oil should be such where the properties and characteristics do not change even when changes in all these conditions. But it is clear that this is impossible, because when any substance cools, it becomes even thicker, and when the speed increases friction –   then it starts to overheat.
Infirst synthetic motor oil used in the aviation industry, when there was an urgent need   in order to make the engine start, while using low temperatures (-40 or below). Mineral oil is clear that at such temperatures used freezing b. The cost of synthetic oil at that time was very high, and it is not allowedits use in car engines. But over time, these oils started Stavan cheaper, and almost every automobile industry used them.

How to choose engine oil – synthetic or mineral?

The main point that distinguishes synthetic oil from the mineral isis that it has a higher level of stability of its properties and various characteristics in the presence of dissimilar temperatures and operating for a long time.

What this can mean for every motorist? The main three points.

  1. First time – synthetic motor oil is much lesse afraid of overheating and low temperatures.
  2. The second moment – such oil may longer retains the characteristic properties even during operation.
  3. The third moment – some characteristics of the engine oil, be sure to many engines of modern cars, and of course it is impossible to implement them in all 100% mineral-based.

That is important to remember that everything in this world is relative, and therefore do not always use synthetic motor oils have an edge urgent need. For example, everyone knows that better than platinum conductive than copper, it does not mean that the apartment Provinceodke always necessary to use a platinum wire, because the properties of the copper wiring should be enough to connect and use appliances. If you specify something good is the enemy of the better.


Sometimes we can find such cases where synthetics forEngine contraindicated, ie it is typical for   engines which have large runs.

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