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What is cancer and where it is better to treat

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Unfortunately, the number of people who developed cancer   increased by 20% and eover the past decade.   World Cancer Research Fund, issued a   disappointing statistics:   the planet every year there   twelve million new patients, which was struck by the disease, and, unfortunately, 200 of them are yew. children. And to cope with the disease can only half of the remaining die. The most important thinge in the prevention of cancer disease is a timely diagnosis. If we manage to detect the disease in its early stages, it is usually possible to hope for a good outcome. So what exactly is cancer?

cancer - a malignant tumor that arises from the rapid chaotic uncontrolled cell division. &Nbsp;What is the cause of cancer? Another   to this day the question about the cause of   some types of   cancer, there is no definitive answer. But it is well established that many species are due to the action of carcinogens. Cancer is dangerous because the disease does not makes itself felt in a long time. And zachasfifth, it happens that when we go to the doctor, the disease is already in the final stages, and then there is nothing you can not help. But if you notice that a lot of lost weight that you have no appetite, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes, then consult a doctor immediately   for advice.

For manyyears very successfully with the disease cancer fighting Israeli doctors. High qualifications of doctors, effective use of modern methods of diagnosis, magnificent technical base clinics – do everything that the word « cancer » does not always mean a death sentence. Such great results Israeli doctors have achieved thanks to qualitydiagnosis of the disease with the help of high-precision equipment. In addition to cure cancer in Israel is much cheaper than other countries in the clinics.

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