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Kidney stones: their varieties and causes of

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Our health requires daily attention. And forit constantly to be watched. It is necessary to prevent the disease and not have to treat it. Often, many people suffer from renal pain. Very often, we are concerned about the so-called renal colic. Since the kidneys act out quite a significant role in our body, it is necessary to treat them with great care. Often, many people are formed. In Order Toto avoid this, though, would have to stick to the diet a little. To do this,   exclude certain foods from your diet. These stones are of different sizes: there are those that you can live with them, and there are very large and they are dangerous to you and your health. The most common cause of these cameos - unhealthy diet. It is strictly forbidden to eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. It is meat and fish products, sausage, chocolate, black pepper, coffee and dairy products also do not get carried away.

The first signs of the appearance of stones:

1. Voiding;
2. Pain in anyzhney abdomen;
3. In urine appears sand and stones;
4. Large flank pain above the waist;
5. Nausea and vomiting.

The stones come in all sizes: tsistynovye, acid, magnesium. Treatment of stones in varying ways:

- crushing, a special tool through a puncturein the lower back.
- ultrasonic and Drug Administration (these methods are used in different sizes in the kidneys).

This is a very serious disease and it should be taken very carefully and correctly. Since it affects your future.

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