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Sclerotherapy: characterization and specificity of the main advantages of

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Sclerotherapy — new medical methodsWild. Its aim — restoration of blood vessels without surgery. What are the indications for its implementation? And why the popularity of this procedure is increasing day by day?

In most « uncomfortable » diseases . Sclerotherapy – first aid for the most common and « inappropriate » diseases – hemorrhoids and varicose veins. According to statistics, suffer from these diseases every three women.

Plus sclerosis is that it takes place in the power saving mode for your body – without surgical intervention. The essence of the procedure is to ensure thaton the inside of the vein introduced a special medicine that helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Benefits . Doctors and patients are confident that — One of the most effective treatments. She – a lot of advantages:

  • absence of pain in a patient;
  • the speed of procedures;
  • minimal damage to the vessel walls;
  • a short recovery period;
  • combination with other medical procedures.

NickAkiho traces . Many girls and women who have chosen this procedure were satisfied with the result. They say that not only plus the effectiveness of this procedure, but that on the skin after it leaves no traces. For girls it – important indicator. Firstly, the scars will not provoke further questions. Secondly,you can afford to wear skirts, dresses, shorts that highlight the beauty of your feet.

Contraindications . Despite a number of positive characteristics, we have a range of contraindications sclerosis. This pregnancy, diabetes, abnormalities of the heart, obstruction of deep and connectives veins, allergies to anesthetics.

Before recording on the hardening of the medical examination and consultation with a physician are required!

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