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Varieties pans

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Every day we use scorodite in his life and life without it the object doesnot relevant. Nowadays it is very huge selection and you can, from round to square, and with and without handles. Frying pans have a different cover and composition. Another BC pans made of ketsi (Georgian material "clay or stone"). Used for different cakes, roasting. In our modern world, with regard to the pan, the aspectthey are very wide. Some have a coating of non-stick material in the national - is Teflon. Pans are so many varieties, here are some of them:

  • Brazier. Made of stainless steel, having a bottom heat distribution. This pan is most often used for fighting and cooking meat, fish, vegetables;
  • Pancake pan. These pans low wall to the dough warms evenly. Frying pan with non-stick coating, pancakes can be easily removed, and she, in turn, is easy to clean;
  • Saucepan. This item has a function of pots and pans and keeps heat through the thick bottom and wallsto.

All these and many other pans are made of different materials. Stainless steel does not change the taste of food, but then she does not like overheating, they must be lubricated with oil or grease before any cooking. The most fashionable material pan from which it is made of aluminum. It is lightweightand contains 10 times more heat than others. Cast iron is the most durable and wear-resistant utensils. These pans due to the benefits of cast iron have the effect of "Russian stove": this is when the dish is not only hot, but also extinguished. This pan is very well suited for extended cooking. All women who are part of their wLife Span and time spend in the kitchen, we wish to have at their disposal only good quality items and manufacturing. All pleasant cooking.

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