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Electric heat gun that is made with their own hands

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What are the different kinds of heat gun?

reprulation an apparatus, which is made with their own hands. It works on the fact that there is a certain power supply. This device typically has a capacity of from 3 to 35 kW. This gun is a great option to use it in the home and in the garage. It is environmentally friendly and does not releasefrom itself   hazardous combustion products that can bring a lot of harm to human health.

Gas heat gun. This device can also make their own hands. It has a capacity of 15 to 150 kW. It is connected to the gas system or to cylinders. The disadvantage is a considerable amount of expendableth power, and many ejection of combustion products. Of course, they are not dangerous to the health of any person. &Nbsp; &Nbsp;

Diesel heat gun with your hands can be made much more difficult than gas. It works on the fact that a liquid fuel (diesel, kerosene). The power in this case isfrom 10 to 140 kW. By the way, it should be used only in areas that are ventilated.

What is an electric heat gun?

In winter electric heat gun, which produced his own hands, you will need as a safe and effective means to maintain the required temperature of pomescheniyah, even in a large office or confectionery shop. This gun is sufficiently mobile and have a good percentage of efficiency and energy consumption is much lower. The same goes for power. It is possible to say exactly how much energy you need to heat a particular room.

The positive side is built up,that the heat gun that do with their hands, can be used in different places, or rather in those where there is no heating system. The gun will be a great way to be able to warm those areas where there are civil and even repairs, as well as in the offices of large (more than 300 square meters.). Many users do not even Dogadovare that the heat gun and going home. To do this, the use of inexpensive materials, have a good specific skills, free time, and be sure to desire.

What is the principle of the electric heat gun?

Heat gun has the ability to run on different fuels, napExample such as:

  • The gas (propane, butane);
  • Hot water;
  • Electricity.

Before the start of the heat gun with his hands, it is important to study and learn the mechanics of the gun. It operates this gun (the one that is made with their own hands, or the one which is manufacturedm at the plant) on the same principle.

As a rule, a gun that is made with their own hands, while taken to the attention of all the requirements, there is a more reliable and secure. It has the possibility of both a short period of time to heat the air in the room to a specific desired temperature.

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