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All you need to know to install artificial joint

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For more information on the prosthesis can be found on the website and in this article we will try to answer key.

As Wellzhno carry out the operation to replace the artificial joint?

If there was a fracture of the femoral neck at the person 60 years or more, the operation is performed immediately. Statistics proved that in this category of patients is much better results when such tactics than with osteosynthesis, that is connected with the help of bone fragmentsscrews, rods and the like. In diseases of the joints arthroplasty performed if the patient can not sleep at night because of the pain, as well as walking, sitting or even standing, and conservative treatment provides only short-term relief.

At what age can carry out joint replacement?

In the pryamyh shows can be performed endoprosthesis 99-year-old patient, and the youngest must be no less than 14 years.

Can prevent endoprosthesis associated severe illness?

The decision to make the operation therapists and anesthesiologists after a thorough examination of the patient. It is important that, starting from a 26-yearsa Swedish orthopedic experience, which operate with a special technique with minimal blood loss and shorter operation time - 30 to 60 minutes - many hospitals may take surgery in patients with severe comorbidities. In many clinics, in particular, to operate hemophiliacs, people with one kidney, lungs, as well as those catorye myocardial infarction and heart bypass surgery, the artificial cardiac pacemaker, and the like. Also, a few hours after surgery, patients begin to walk without crutches, burdening the operated limb completely using only the stick. By the way, thanks to the sterile air in the operating room, the risk posleoperatsionnogo no wound infections.

What happens if a joint is implanted properly, or it cranky or fester?

The life of the implant depends on many factors. Unfortunately, over time, artificial joints wear out or become loose, there is pain, lost functionthe affected limb, broken bone around the implant. When loosening, wear, or infection of the artificial joint is necessary to carry out revision cases, that is an operation that is to replace the worn prosthetic new. Such operations several times harder primary prosthesis and require specialof the equipment and to ensure appropriate biomaterials. Experts only specialized centers have extensive experience in conducting such operations.

carefully constructed method of reducing blood loss during such operations, and related equipment and technologies allow « pull » Patsientov of bad (in their opinion) states. So I want to stress that once failed in the primary prosthesis or joint festering or cranky, urgently need to creep into the hospital. Do not lose hope, modern medicine allows us to solve many health problems.

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