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10 best Ukrainian web radio

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Interesting radio there on the Internet. Live broadcast station or exclusivelynetwork, so they can afford a fairly original formats. We offer you ten domestic online stations that are worthy of attention.

Radio Aristocrats

This is a young and ambitious project the day before yesterday was a year old. But even in such a short span of time it has established radioon his best side - confirmation audiences of 200 thousand. per month. It works only in Internet radio, music broadcast from mainly jazz and contemporary artists from around the world. The station also broadcast news bulletins and opinion programs on many musical themes and not only. Listen to the broadcast can bethe project site, and follow the life of the station and you can get acquainted with the announcements on her Facebook-page and on page VKontakte.

Radio MASH

This radio is almost entirely devoted to music. In her live you will hear almost all the « light » genres: jazz, lounge, electro-pop, dream pop, and others. Although there arethings and « harder & raquo ;, for example, « elektropanky » Prodigy. But what you will never find in the air mashed potatoes, so it's the music that we have called the « pop & raquo ;. In addition to music, the radio transmission MASH has spoken, where guests (mostly from the world of music) tell stories of his life and the various event okololiteraturnyeI. Site of the station where you can listen to broadcast, is located at There are pages on Facebook and VKontakte.

DJs Radio

a real paradise for fans of electronic and dance music. You can hear most modern areas of electronics: techno, dubstep, trance, house and other styles. By traine in the air sound not only foreign, but also domestic performers. According to people involved in the project, the radio has become a launching pad for a number of well-known Ukrainian DJs. Now the site of the project is under construction, but there is still air can not hear - the player stays in place and working.


For those who love music is heavier, a radio Colorsound. There twist to classic rock and related styles of heavy music: gothic metal, glemrok, pankroka, funk, grunge, blues, reggae and even psychedelic. About 10% of the radio station devotes Ukrainian performers - it is a very pleasant Patriot audience. The site online stationsyou will find news from the world of rock music, as well as links to the radio in the social networks - Facebook, BK, Twitter and LiveJournal.

Black Sunday

This online radio station, which broadcasts from the city, dedicated to hip-hop. Repertoire at the appropriate air: in addition to just hip-hop, where you will hear the jazz rap and gJaz-hop and funk. In addition to the music program out there « Traffic & raquo ;, which is the owner of the radio station (theme - music and life), and the site has the latest news of the music industry. Of course, most - about hip-hop.


But the radio station does not favor specificm style and broadcasts about 90 destinations. You can hear and the genre as a « Ukrainian Wedding & raquo ;, and songs « ESC & raquo ;. In addition, the station rebroadcasts site esters more than 20 FM-stations and the use of web-resource friendly. The site has a mobile version of the app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Smart TV(Works only with the truth is not very well-known consoles View Rocket). The radio also has a page on Facebook, BK and Twitter.

Media Meeting

This is more like a radio station novinarske, not music radio. Its theme - the media market, both domestic and foreign, with an emphasis on film. The events of thisIndustry talk transmission « MediaNoviny & raquo ;, « Myths and legends of cinema and TV & raquo ;, « Telemir » and other programs. And where do without music? It can be listened to directly from the station to the advantage given to soundtracks. In social networks, the station has a Facebook page and an account in Twitter.


It is the only in Ukraine, online radio stations, working in the format RadioVision - continuous video feed from the studio. It does not stop even at night when there's nobody there, just playing a prepared playlist. At this station its transmission led Kuzma Skryabin - she went on Wednesday and called the « n Sickleabout ... & raquo ;, and the author said it is not about music, but about social problems. The radio regularly reports news, invites interesting guests, and, of course, interesting twists Ukrainian and foreign music. Video broadcast from the studio comes directly on the site, write interesting esters is available on YouTube, and social networking pages of the station youfind on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Molode Radio

The ether of the project is dedicated to Ukrainian music, but that does not mean that 100% of the time it only sounds. On the radio there are many interesting programs, as well as news releases, presentations, discussions and similar esters. In this format the station operates from 2006year, that is one of the oldest domestic online radio stations. Its broadcast can be heard on the website and follow the events - in the VC, Facebook and Twitter.

Radio Lounge Project

The station focuses solely on music: in her repertoire lounge, chillout, trip-hop, funk, acid jazz and derivatives egION. On her website there is a small collection of video clips. The social networks of stations can be monitored in Twitter, Facebook and BK. But the icon SoundCloud service is easy on this site, there is no channel station.

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