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What is Blender?

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Blender - a necessary thing in the kitchen, but on condition that you do not have a food processor. However, the use ofa small blender is the most convenient, than a huge combine. Combine and will cut and a fall over and chop, and knock. It's certainly convenient. Uncomfortable just wash it. Disassemble, dry and reassemble all this extorting a lot of effort as well as time. If the kitchen is small, then combine absolutely nowhere to go. In addition most of the functionsnd combine practical mistress is not used. To chop onions, beat cream or vegetable puree cook your regular blender, which can significantly facilitate life. For information on buying and choosing blnderov can be found on the website.

All blenders can be done on these types of handheld and stationary. Pervym easier to break up small foods, mix them or whipping cream. The second is designed more for cocktails, purees or cream soups.

Stationary blender. How does it look?

Conventional bledery resemble a glass on a stand. They are composed of a bowl and the stand on which it can crepitsya and knives at the bottom of the bowl. With this the blender you can prepare soups or delicious sauces, various purees for babies. They can mix the batter. As for chopping vegetables, such blenders are characterized by not very good reputation. But Blender is characterized by one of the most common functions -  to prepare cocktails. Here, they have no equal.

Power Blender

As for stationary power blenders, it ranges from 220 to 700 watts. It turns out that the higher the power, the more the device is functional. The low-power blender can only stir the cooked vegetables or soft fruit,   Cocktails and whisk.

What parameters have a bowl?

In general, the capacity of the bowl should be half to two liters. You need to decide is how much food and drink you're ready. Thus it is necessary to take into account the fact that the total average sosatvlyaet bowl 300 ml or less.
Glassbowl does not have the disadvantage of sharp edges when scratched comminution of solid ice or knee, but in cases where a blender randomly fall, it is not repaired. Plastic bowl unlike glass can get scratched when it is used, but it is more practical.

How to treat hand blenders?

Stationary blenders can have the function as the automatic cleaning. In this case, after the operation of the instrument will be over, it is only necessary to pour hot water into the cup and pressing certain keys purification. Attachment starts to rotate, and the water will gradually wash out the inner surfacest bowls and knives. Can be washed by hand, but there is a risk of knives to cut yourself.

Hand blender and its capacity

It is clear that the higher the power of Blender, the more the various operations it can perform at the highest level. Different types of jobs require different speeds, respectively, which can be from 2 to 15.

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