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What exactly it is diabetes and what you can eat at this disease?

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This is the modern disease of metabolism of all substances, it is nWhen that disrupted the normal functioning of all the quality of your internal organs, and of course, all the work almost your entire body. The reasons for the emergence of such a lot of diabetes, but the main trouble is, of course, because of the sugar. Therefore, all people with diabetes just do not recommend to use such products, By directtively containing sugar. They quickly raise the whole level of glucose in your blood. But such unique products are: delicious jam, honey, different jams, cakes, candy, modern, cakes, simple sugar and other sweets. Also, you should limit the use of sweet fruit, and of course, berries, namely grapes, bananas, falien encounters, raisins, and apricots.

In a very severe form of the diabetes all these products must be easy to completely eliminate from your diet, but in the simple average of the initial and also the degree of use of only a small amount of simple sweets permissible, but also need to regularly control the level itselfsugar in his blood. All progression of diabetes also affects the content in your diet is very fatty foods. Therefore, patients should be very easy to restrict the use of not only delicious sweets, but also bad fatty foods. Fatty foods - such as butter and, of course, cooking oil, delicious bacon, aliveotnye fats, margarine, and fatty meat, you just need to turn off the diet.

Should you just completely eliminate from the diet of fried and smoked food very much, and all the canned pickles, delicious spices, pepper, and mustard, and all alcoholic beverages. Suffering such diabetes,   It is also aboutborder use of all products containing a very large amount of complex carbohydrates.   Therefore, in the daily diet of the patient all dairy products should make up half a liter a day and no more.

All products are good for use in diabetes   prevent the occurrence of the disease was MEMBERnew your family. Here's a short list of products that it should be in a good diet of the patient with diabetes mellitus:

  1. and tasty buckwheat porridge, black bread coarse Zapashny pomelo.
  2. Vegetables and fruit of course.
  3. Low-fat varieties of delicious beef and poultry directly.
  4. Fishand seafood is the main thing.

The Diabetes nutrition has always welcomed the use of various marine and tasty river fish, such as cod, saffron cod, ice, pike-perch, pike, etc. Cooking this can be directly boiled, or steamed. In addition to fish, even very helpful all the products, such as variouse seafood. You do not neglect the simple salad of cabbage or tasty sea prawns. Include a daily diet of good fish to 150 grams. Fish and seafood quality can always cook a lot of delicious and healthy dishes. But they need to boil and simmer,   certain event do not need to fry it.

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