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The lawsuit statement of paternity

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We all strive for harmonious relations within the family, dreaming of love, support and care. But, unfortunately, often life has its visionour destiny and life experience shows that real life is far from perfect film scripts. And we used to watch television, which reinforces our fantasies of a happy life, where couples live in a delicate and sublime feelings, their children are born, that is, the fruit of their love, and strong evidence of the senses and everything in their livesWell, just fine, and even fabulous. My favorite profession, entertainment, hobbies, life is full of rich and happy moments, and most importantly, interesting and inspiring. &Nbsp; And although we prefer this genre of films where the plot throughout portray such a lovely life with a happy ending, there are other genres are more similar to the nAsha everyday life. Sometimes you can find, and such TV shows as marine processes, displaying different aspects of our lives, and perhaps not the most pleasant, but true. &Nbsp; In many films and in such ship ceremonies, as well as in our life there are such things as a betrayal, distrust and mutual misunderstanding, bezotvetssibility, frustration and unhappiness with other Pandora's chest, where there are unwanted children, evading parental obligations, cheating and other negative aspects of life.   Our lives can be so confused that we ourselves are no longer able to impose its order and call in the same marine life – alert order, morality, justice, etc.Abda.

The establishment of paternity in court

Maybe it is very immoral times, and maybe this order of things is always present, or is it the path of humanity fell because of sexual progress and more relaxed outlook on life, but   the result of this road – irresponsible family, Nezaplanirovannye children, and as a consequence – evasion of obligations, the rejection of their children, single mothers and thus an unfavorable education, material costs, broken lives. Here they are still the realities of this life. Leaving questions of morality to the inner conscience of every person and look at the situation from the legislative pageAna and her alternative measures and actions that can be taken in cases circumstances to solve this problem. So, if the family is an informal marriage or official, but the true father is not the child's parent, or a man shy away from its obligations or violates the rights of the mother of the child's father, then the most optimal option to renew the validity of a party may be through the judicial process, and it – with the help of a claim of paternity. More information can be consulted.

The claim paternity

The claim paternity – This written statement is made by the plaintiff andwhether it is signed,   and where the following information:

  • all the information about the father of the child;
  • personal information (dating, relationships, intimacy, and another moment of conception);
  • all the information about the child;
  • proof of paternity;
  • the plaintiff's claims.

The purpose of the claim of paternity may be the following:

  • financial aid – alimony;
  • acknowledgment of paternity;
  • change in the records of the unborn child.

It is important to note that the initiator of the complaint can be both mother and father.

The claim of mouthlished paternity – it is a way to renew the validity

If you have a situation with blurred boundaries, then the effective way in family affairs is a judicial procedure based on the claim filed to establish paternity. It is important to understand that such a statement a little, and it is necessary to introduce realproof of paternity, which are specified in the declaration and attached to it. Proof of paternity following:

  • genetic examination;
  • physical evidence;
  • substantiating the fact of paternity;
  • eyewitness testimony, etc.

Trust, honesty andother family qualities will help build a strong and solid family life wisdom and responsibility will ensure the proper and desired relationships, and judicial procedure in a problem situation will restore the honor and reputation under the conditions of doing a decent lifestyle.

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