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Aluminium Spray

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In 1825, aluminum was first obtained by the Danish physicist. And as we can see has been almost two hundred years since the appearance of the metal, but it is not only not disappeared, and without it can not do many othersOn various industries. Because of its properties, aluminum is very high demand. If in 1825, when poyavilsyaalyuminy, he was considered a precious metal and the ladies love to wear jewelry from it, now used in the aluminum industry is much serious than jewelry. &Nbsp;

Where to use aluminum?

Alloys of aluminum are used in almost all engineering industries (aviation, space, automotive). known alloys are: duralumin, silumin and foundry alloys. Also, in the processing of hot aluminum, receive various wires, profiles, tubes , tapes, sheets, which are used in a builderstve. Also used in the manufacture of electrical wires and electrical tires, because aluminum has high electric conductivity. Also, aluminum is used in the jewelry industry, in medicine. In a word, almost every industry and its use aluminum compound. And all this because of the properties possessed by aluminum. Aluminium forging, pla-particle, easily accepts any form. A oxide film protects the aluminum from corrosion, it will help to serve long aluminum. You also need to say that aluminum is non-toxic and easy to recycle. Also, because the technology is not standing still, scientists have come up with various sprays that excellent corrosion protection all surfaces for sure.

Aluminium spray. Using the

But everything in this world, the metal may also deteriorate, not only because the products or other things. Typically, it corrodes metal, and then, with time, truhlyaveet. And especially for extending the durability of metal came up. It is a universal tool that pomozhet protect metal surfaces from corrosion, prevents galling and cold welding parts. With aluminum spray is easier to carry out       removing heavy-elements. Such a spray is often used as a lubricant that pomogaetustranyaet vibration brakes, and greatly reduces the friction parts, withootvetstvenno such parts last longer. Such a spray is used for industrial purposes for the treatment of threaded joints, which operate under high temperature directly in the heating system. Also it is used for preventing the brake system of vehicles to protect the body and the inner side surfaces of the wheels, like the cargo, thatAs in the cars. Aluminum spray can still be used as a decorative and protective coating for painting the engine, exhaust pipes and other things.

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