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We can forget and ignore the fine details but mindful of the SFAovert things and make them the main focus. Nobody would argue that touches a favorable atmosphere is set details and fragments, but not the background scenery and the center of the composition, the right balance will never expose. Validate a loud statement the following example, without such a central part of the composition, as a wallpaperNot perform any miracle in the field of art design. You must agree, how ridiculous would look luxurious furniture on a background of bare walls, or worthless and tasteless oboishek. By this, we can conclude that the assumptions about the successful planning of the interior, not only was true, but is true. Due to the success of the next plot, it Considerret and choose the best option, as the house filled with the most important and central point, which is the main accent in any room – ceiling and walls, which, in fact, are the main boundaries of the room, and even its present. Since we have determined that the calling card of any room it stylish wallpaper, so you should carefullystop their attention on their choice among the hundreds of options.

All about the wallpaper

Wallpapers are the main attributes of any room and the whole house. You probably had no idea that this accessory is there for so long that dates back to the beginning of the existence of BC. And if the function of decorative elementsthat appeared almost simultaneously with the birth of a man and his artistic abilities to decorate the walls of the primitive home designs, the more similar variant wallpaper begins with the invention of rice paper. Of course, this invention has been invented by the Chinese, and the secret mystery of rice paper was kept for centuries, until the Arabs conquered in one fatalsecond battle, which allowed important information to scatter all over the world, but until that time, alternative paper wallpaper used the skins of animals, and then the fabric. After the emergence of the first wallpaper came continuous process of development, as conceived in such a way to decorate the house appreciated immediately. First, the history of the evolution of wallpaper Advigalas slowly and in a unique and single copies, but then reached a peak of popularity and demand, which contributed to the creation of a single industry, and the new discoveries and technologies at specialized factories, which, in turn, has allowed the use of wallpaper in mass production.

Wallpaper Variations

History of wallpaper took the hard way and the process of creation, from the unique and single copies, which were used in the imperial chambers, to modern art in a wide use. Such a thing is not only the wallpaper has a long history, but not deprived of attention from side fashion. Each century highlights their tastes and preferences,which created demand in a particular style and technology specifics. There was a time when the popularity of wooden blocks used for fighting, there comes a time when the wallpaper was concentrated on color, design and pattern, and there are times when after takeoff, their popularity was falling, painting the walls to replace. In our time, a very different variation wallpaperOring, and you can choose the most desired option from the following kinds of them:

  • textile;
  • vinyl;
  • paper.

Depending on the taste preferences of the wallpaper can be smooth or embossed. Also, modern technology offers the following types of wallpaper, youcomplete with a special specificity of this sector:

  • decorated with different materials;
  • panoramic;
  • metallized;
  • embossed;
  • profile;
  • mats.


By and large wallpaper perform mainly decortive and aesthetic function. Depending on the color, pattern and scale will vary the degree of illumination in the room, reception room and comfort when you stay at it. Also, there is such a thing as quality wallpaper, which depends on the quality of the material of the paper for wallpaper, paint and technology performance. Modern brand youmined by the particular positive impression in the world of wallpaper. This wallpaper of the brand are designed for a particular variety of everyday images and guises. Products wallpaper MARBURG ZUHAUSE WOHNEN performed in a typical against Germany that exalts the quality of the wallpaper to the top skill. These wallpapers are designed in a moderate color palette with alternatingbright and faint notes of what constitutes an interesting and unusual effect. Also, the wallpaper of the brand pleasing simplicity and accessibility of forms, creating a contrasting, creative and unconventional approach in creating exciting interior feed.

Modern Wallpaper – it is not merely a combination of flowers and other typical elements, nand a flight of fancy of your space that the final result of the impact on the final form of the whole house, as well as your moral lift from a favorable vision of inspiring walls.

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