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Influence of mineral water on the human body

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The use of mineral water provides a broad and complex effects on the human body. It directly depends on the influence of water, the solutiontary substance in it, and the order (methods) of use. The chemical composition of the water and the method of its application are, of course, crucial. Otherwise there would be no difference in the effects on the body and the normal mineral fresh water.

What has been said about the water metabolism of the human body it is very importante importance for the understanding of the effects on the body consumption of mineral water, as well as a reasonable construction of procedures and rules (techniques) the use of these waters for therapeutic purposes.

If you drink mineral water is crucial to their chemical composition. However, it should be quite categorically refuse rasprosySuggested Measures, but profoundly mistaken notion that mineral water is injected into the human body, in some retort, in which there are just simple chemical reactions involving substances dissolved in mineral water. In reality it is not so! Ultimately, the case is not limited to simple chemical reactionsm, and to the complex and diverse biological responses whole human body to the introduction of the mineral water.

What are the ions?

active active principle mineral water are ions - electrically charged particles. Various ions can cause different reactions of the human bodyism. However, there is a possibility of occurrence of the same reaction under the influence of various ions. Thus, the sodium ions promote water retention, and calcium ions, on the contrary, contribute to the removal of water from urine. Under the influence of calcium ions reduces inflammation, increases blood clotting, increases the amount ofwhite blood cells, is more intense bone growth. Magnesium ions also increase the loss of body water and cause vasodilation. Some of the ions contained in the mineral waters such as ferrous ions, as well as copper, manganese, zinc and other metals act as catalysts, ie substances increasinging the rate of chemical reactions. The use of some mineral water increases the rate of movement of food from the stomach into the duodenum, while others have a laxative effect, and some increase bile secretion and bile.

Under the influence of certain mineral waters in the blood decreases the amount usedilirubina, basic dye (pigment) bile, in the course when it is contained in excess. Under the influence of other mineral waters enhanced urinary excretion of nitrogenous substances and uric acid, that is, the « slag ».

Mineral waters and beneficial effect on carbohydrate metabolism, particularly inpatients with diabetes - a disease which is based on a violation of sugar absorption by the body.

Animal experiments proved that under the influence of mineral water body more easily tolerate the harmful effects of certain bacterial toxins. This suggests that the mineral water increases the resistance of therganizma.

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