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Removal of papillomas laser - whether it is dangerous?

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Quite often it happens that from the very first VZGLyada people may seem quite ordinary papilloma mole from which absolutely is not difficult to get rid of in a completely different clinical institutions where the practice of removing papillomas laser. However, so many people completely unknown, that the same papilloma – this is a very dangerous disease, a viral nature, it is verys common and is more than 100 options.

Speaking generally, it is the human papilloma virus (HPV) can be a benign tumor, but sometimes it happens that he is able to be transformed into malignant. That is why, if you decide to remove papilloma laser, theBe sure to go through the procedure of blood and tissue biopsies. This is necessary to ensure that a benign papilloma.

laser to remove a malignant neoplasm and it is absolutely impossible, as you know is forbidden! Contraindications to to remove papilloma laser mainlyno.

However, there are some doctors who do not agree with this, and they have already put forward its contraindications:

  • Heavily tanned skin;
  • Disorders of the immune system;
  • Gerpevirusnaya infection;
  • Phasesand decompensation is diabetes;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation;
  • cancer.

In addition, you must also follow the rules in order to minimize the risk occurrenceall possible complications.

After removing papillomas laser did not in any case be:

  • sunbathe;
  • Being in the solarium;
  • Take therapeutic baths;
  • contact the washingm powder (as well as other household chemicals);
  • Avoid the influence of the sun in hot weather;
  • If you want to stay in the sun when it is hot, then treat different body sunscreen;
  • The maximum time to remain underSun is 30 minutes.

HPV can be dangerous for people with weakened immune systems and the comfort of this, it can be perfectly on any part of the body.

However, quite often, it can manifest:

  • In the genital area;
  • On the head;
  • On the face;
  • On the neck.

Removal of papillomas directly on the eyelid need to consult a doctor-ophthalmologist. Current procedure debinding papilloma may then be conducted quite quickly, andpainlessly.

The procedure to remove a laser papilloma:

  • to be tested;
  • a consultation with a dermatologist, oncologist;
  • Get treatment.

Remove papilloma painless and SnackRo does not always work. Sometimes you need a local anesthetic. The one area of ??the skin that is processed, exposed wave ultrashort laser pulse. By removing layers of tissue is affected, the skin, in the final analysis, it is completely cleared. &Nbsp; Laser removal of papillomas in some extent resembles common withthe solar burn.

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