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Plastic modern windows: reliable quality protection from large cold winter

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Metalloplastikovye modern windows are always reliably protect your entire house or just the apartment office in the coldest winter months, keeping it the most comfortable temperature even good for all ordinary temperatures very low. Plastic windows create a very high quality   effective and unique protection against getting holodnog prchmogoon the air directly from the street and prevent all loss of heat from your room. please visit

Save the big heat in the house, especially in winter, the most is of course the most basic task, which always perform modern plastic windows. For easy installationAll metal-plastic modern windows will protect not only from the big cold, but just can save all the costs of your heating system.

simple heat saving properties of all plastic windows directly attributable to a number of contemporary factors, the main ones:

  • level of quality in all teplosberezheniyaof PVC profile;
  • advanced energy-saving windows with a simple function of a unique thermal protection;
  • great integrity and very high quality all metal structures.

PVC windows with high quality modern PVC profiles REHAU - this is the most effective heat saving.

All heat-saving properties of modern plastic windows determines directly the quality of the   PVC - profiles. Plastic all windows with PVC profile - it is one of the most effective, and even the most reliable in the issue of the large savings of heat in your room. < br />
PVC profile has a very high heatInsulating the qualitative characteristics that always allows you to install them even in ordinary homes with a simple passive heating. Especially always want to mention high-quality profile system REHAU GENEO, which just has a very high thermal insulation performance today. The absence of a metal reinforcement is always excludecold bridges and simply makes it the most warm.

Energy-saving low-emissivity glass with a modern high-quality coated, filled with an inert gas directly, always significantly increases the heat-ordinary features a unique metal-plastic windows. Effectively store more heat,reflect the entire spectrum of high-quality infrared radiation from a simple window into the entire room.

The tightness of the whole system and seal of quality plastic windows

The system provides a unique seal is tight contiguity of the quality of the plastic box and alwayssklyuchaet thus purging and the emergence of large draft.

three-loop quality system seals directly from the stable of highly elastic materials directly to temperature and the effects of long loads ensures maximum tightness unique windows.

Metalloplastikovye window of   made directly from the German quality profile REHAU, well staffed directly concern Fiberglass « Glas Trash » (Glas Tr ö sch), fittings MACO and meet all the highest standards of modern quality of your energy savings.

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