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0 2074 - is a site wide viewing tele-nnyh channels. It provides an opportunity to use cardsharing. And this, as you know, a great opportunity to display your favorite TV channels for quite a symbolic sum of money.

In addition, the main feature of this site, is the ability of the test viewer. This means that you can try to use cardsharing completely demoncharge, to determine the suitability of this system is you or not.

The site is represented by a fairly large selection kardsharingovyh packages to watch satellite TV channels. Anyone can choose the most suitable package for the price and features.

If you want to use the practice test, you can learn more consecutiveobnuyu information on the pages of this site. Free test, a trial testing the service for one calendar day, with one probe channel. It is activated immediately after the registration procedure to use.

If there is a need to re-test, it will be possible only after the first day. BWhen the free test, for whatever reason do not apply, you can use paid test suite, which is issued for three days.

The advantage of this test is that you can be aware of the system, try to configure it, and at the same time, not lose the extra money. However, it should be remembered that, etc.and free trials, using the service technical support is not provided. It is given only after the purchase of one of the selected kardsharingovogo package.

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