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Minimally invasive spine surgery

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To argue about which organ or system in the body plays a role, if ne pointless, at least, would not be correct. The fact is that every cell of the body, not to mention the organs and systems, performs its function and to exaggerate or downplay its role properly. However, any complex system must be controlled by some governing body (in this case is that of the brain), which is a reagentth e to internal and external pathogens, giving specific tasks to all systems. In any complex technical mechanism, the central controller manages all processes on the basis of the sensors - sensor elements that respond to changing conditions. In humans, the role of these sensors perform nerve fibers (neurons)That reach every cell and transmits the signal from it to the main nerve trunk and collector - the spinal cord. It is thanks to this scheme, the spinal cord has a strong link with all the organs and systems of the body. This in turn means that the problems of the spine can automatically become a problem other organs and systems. This is a present-day conditions are not so rare. Remember, what kind of lifestyle is a modern man, and once it becomes clear how this affects the spine, and then the whole body. To imagine is to be understood that the spine than the nervous system, is also a key part of the musculoskeletal system,   and means, in addition tontrolno-measurement function, is also exercise. This, of course, very important for the functioning of the body, but the lack or surplus of physical activity, their monotony disrupt the structure and condition of the spine, leading to the development of serious diseases and pathologies (fractures, hernia, protrusion, low back pain, sciatica, ScolaLake and others). Treatment of most of these diseases lead preferably therapeutic methods, but if the disease leads to the need for urgent action, we have to use surgery. In view of the importance of object operations are used so-called minimally invasive techniques that allow Majorflax reduce traumatic tissue damage and the rehabilitation period. Minimally invasive methods are used most frequently to solve nerve entrapment (decompression operation) may differ, depending on the nature of crushing (i.e., depending upon the particular disease). When herniated (pinched nerve rootspart of the intervertebral disc) used one of the five main ways.


  • endoscopic discectomy (microsurgical instrument is removed, the excess part of the kernel disk);
  • laser vaporization (excess core diska burned laser);
  • Nucleoplasty (similar to the endoscopic method, except that instead of using an endoscope with a hollow needle electrode. Latter generates a discharge that causes excessive melting of the nucleus);
  • hemonukleoliz (also used the introduction of a hollow needle, butinstead of the electrode core is introduced into the cavity thinning agent which reduces its volume);
  • spiral nucleotomy (similar to the previous two, only through a needle inserted rotational spiral).

In the spinal canal stenosis using:

  • mikrolaminektomiyu (partial removal of the vertebral arch);
  • mikroforaminotomiyu (similar to the previous method, but used in the cervical spine);
  • installation of special brackets (X-STOP).

Whenvertebral compression fractures using vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty techniques.

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