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The good non-surgical liposuction

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There were times when the correction figure was subject only plasmatic surgery. Today the cosmetic clinics offer relatively simple procedures to achieve the same results, with which delighted surgeons. And most importantly, that such cosmetic procedures do not damage the integrity of the skin and do not carry high health risks.

the Machine Basicstnoj liposuction

Hardware liposuction is based on the use of the properties of ultrasound to penetrate into the tissue and destroy what is superfluous and unnecessary, without damaging other tissues. This type of removal of excess fat is comfortable, convenient, painless and highly effective. The method uses El Popularof men as much as women. The problems that patients usually come to the professionals involved in the excessive deposition of fat in unwanted places. Use this method or deny solves only a doctor, guided by strict rules, taking into account the full list of contraindications:

- pregnancy;

- an artificial cardiac pacemaker;

- the artificial joint prostheses;

- the presence of metal structures in the area of ??the n-action laser;

- in the form of disease and hernias discrepancies recti;

- a violation of the integrity of skin (various kinds of wounds and ulcers);

- diseases of the immune system;

- a bleeding disorder;

- renal insufficiency;

- Oncological diseasesI;

- hepatitis;

- HIV infection.

In the absence of contraindications, the doctor gives the go-ahead for the course of procedures. &Ndash; common procedure, worked through and does not harm the patient's health.

impressive result little effort

Liposuction should be performed on modern vehicles. Destruction fat cell membranes is produced by means of exposure to focused ultrasound waves of a certain frequency. One session is eliminated and 500 ml of fat, which corresponds to somewhere trem centimeters in volume. The destroyed fat cells are derived, not accumulate in the body. For best results, liposuction should be combined with diet. Also needed a general sessions of massage and lymphatic drainage, which will provide quick removal of decay products of fat. Battered thus fat cells already nikogbut not restored. Therefore, subject to the regime of moderate physical activity and exclude high-calorie foods from the food store the result is guaranteed.

The main advantages of this procedure are:

- the absence of intervention, surgeonscal nature;

- the absence of discomfort and pain;

- outpatient holding without the recovery period;

- a quick result;

- no scars, bruises and other injuries in the area of ??action;

- security.

The course of the procedure about the following (depending on the device it may be slightly modified): a patient's body is noted problem area that should be explored. It is treated with a special cream, then the work is turned apparatus. After the nozzle penetrates ultrasound HSlub skin and striking the cell membrane, destroys them. Built-in computer unit accurately calculates the impact zone. Double strike in the same place is absolutely excluded. When pointing device on the same place, it just does not turn on. This eliminates uneven removal of fat and the occurrence of unevenness on the skin surface. Maximallys discomfort experienced by the patient – tingling. The prices of the procedure are comparable to long-term costs of exhausting fitness training, and the result is faster and more reliable.

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