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What are the chairs?

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Today every house that we meet, has the furniture, like chairs. She was always present and will be present in every person's life for many years. We often use them then, when to eat, and while resting or even training. Currently, manufacturers of chairs ispolzuvat trying different materials, that is, here we are talking about plastic, wood and even metal. Chairs are different for all of the characteristics, that is:

  • Hard and soft;
  • Low and even high.

Hard stools can hold a seat, that is, back to the producers do from boards or plywood. It can close the cloth, leather and oilcloth. Between such departments as part of a tough and trying to put the flooring coating, it can be as wool and paralon. Sometimes using another kind of materials.

Chairs should be able to choose correctly, because you can use them to rid themselves of the different issues that are related to the spine, as well as to avoid such consequences as circulatory disorders.

The chair has 4 legs, which are connected to each other by respectivelysponding drawer side. On the hind legs is back. Tsargi need to greatly strengthen the chair seat. Also legs tsargi connected using spikes.

The backs also are different, that is, they have a whole and by individual bars.

The legs of the chair has different oddswe, and the rear legs are usually slightly bent, and this makes them stronger.

For the chairs characterized by different purposes, because they are designed for both the living room and dining room for. Therefore, you need to choose the option with a semi-soft or soft seat, as well as those chairs that have a high back. If you choosethose chairs just for work, such as a computer or behind a desk, you need to choose a firmer upholstery. And remember, at the back of the chair should be well adjusted in height. Also, choose a chair that has wheels and armrests. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the edge of the seat was rounded, because it will allowt much to reduce the pressure directly on the thigh. If you choose the chairs for their children, remember that you need to consider the mandatory age of the child, his physique and also growth.


So, choose a chair should be guided not only its appearance, but by how much it is convenient and tomfortny. Also, when you choose a chair for their children, make sure you take into account the height and age of your baby, and do not need to take the chair for growth because the child is very uncomfortable, and his spine is positively not be affected. Therefore it is best to consult with experts during the selection because of this Budet depends on both your health and the health of your loved ones.

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