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Whiskey Stones - Stones whiskey!

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How do I use Whiskey Stones?

  1. First you need to wash wellin warm water;
  2. Next, put them in the freezer for 2 hours;
  3. Add the stones to drink (3 stone 50 ml of whiskey);
  4. Once you have used the stones, then you need to wash them with warm water.

Stone steatite

Steatite or as it is called - is a soapstoneoboj pure natural material, which is used for many years by different peoples, for example, in order to make the dishes. This non-porous material which does not absorb any preferences or odors. At the same time it is quite soft and therefore easy to process. In addition, it does not scratch other utensils. Soapstone has a chemicalnical inert, meaning that it does not enter into any reactions with drinks and food, alcohol and water. Also, in many nations Steatite is stone, which gives certain medicinal properties.

The ideal temperature is around 18-20 whiskey degrees. It was at that temperature your favorite napitoIt begins to fully disclose their unique taste. In most cases the room temperature in our country today is higher - 22-25 degrees, that is, the whiskey before eating should be a little cool. But in a small amount, because, if excessively cool, all natural oils contained in it will start to thicken and flavor begin «closed & raquo ;, ie lose that for which acquire excellent whiskeys. Temperature is necessary because it will help to optimally reveal the taste of the drink, and if it is too low, it will destroy the taste. Therefore, all the whiskey can not be stored in the refrigerator and cool ice experts do not recommend. The ice will destroy the taste vieski almost to a minimum.

There are 2 ways to use whiskey:

  1. In its pure form;
  2. A little diluted with water.

Dilute need whiskey, which is a cask strength, that is the sort that are bottled and have a strength of about 40%. Dalley is not necessary to dilute them, because for you it is already done by the manufacturer. Also, you need to dilute the whiskey mostly the same water, which was used when producing whiskey. More often - spring water is a particular area, that is the one that the drink itself.

A more popular way Execuzovaniya namely ice is not very good. This applies both to the beverage cooling and dilution with water. When this ice easily destroy the flavor of your favorite beverage through a low temperature or due to the fact that there is an excess of water, which is inevitably created when the ice melts.


So,whiskey often need a little cool, but do not try to dilute with water. To do this, and have been created for whiskey stones.

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