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Causes and treatment of hyperhidrosis

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Increased sweating makes many very unpleasant. People suffering so Nedgom feel in public places is not very comfortable.   This disease is called hyperhidrosis. Symptoms of its manifestation are: anywhere on the body (forehead, hands, armpits)   there sweating.   Affected this disease, men and women, especially women feel uncomfortable. &Nbsp; After all, human Cotoing sweats profusely unpleasant smell,   and on the clothes are white spots. Agree, not all others like it. And who is nice to you if you touch a wet hand? But with the   hyperhidrosis can be dealt with very effectively.   The main thing to find the causes of disease manifestations. More information can be found on the website.

Reasonss hyperhidrosis

It should be noted that hyperhidrosis - it is a disease, so the reasons for its existence are not   We need to look for   independently, and should consult with   doctor. Everyone understands that visiting clinics is not very pleasant, but there's nothing you can do. &Nbsp; Complete complex obsledovanie and pass all necessary tests have to. After hyperhidrosis can act as a single disease, but can be a manifestation of a committed, such as tuberculosis, kidney disease, problems with the endocrine system and so forth. And then you have to treat the underlying disease. Hyperhidrosis can be divided into two big   Category: Localand overall. At the local - the pot is allocated to individual parts of the body, and   a total – then it covers the whole body. The reasons for the manifestation of hyperhidrosis, as an independent disease may be several, for example, depression, nervosa, nutrition, stress, etc.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis

Treat Hyperhidrosis   needabout. Today there are many techniques that are very successful and effective. &Nbsp; The vast experience gained in the treatment from traditional healers. Sometimes only the recipes of traditional medicine are the most effective. All recipes are made from herbs. Various extracts, which are used in the form of lotions, poultices, or applied to the inside - give positivetive result.

It is possible and ask for help to vracham- surgeons. Surgery can relieve you of hyperhidrosis long time, and in some sluchayah- forever.

Oak bark - an effective tool in the treatment.

Our ancestors many centuries   noticedoak bark has very high medicinal properties. And in the struggle with increased sweating oak bark gives the   a positive result, because in the cortex contains acid, pectin and gum, which have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.     These components   lead   normal work of sweat glands. Most often,oak bark cook   pasta and broth, the effectiveness of their actions on themselves, many have already seen, as evidenced by the numerous reviews.   Buy bark at any pharmacy, but you can prepare yourself.

If you have   increased sweating, do not worry, now you can fight this, and as shown by pPerforman very successful.  

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